Drayton Florence Will Crush You.. Sort of

Posted on September 25, 2009 by Patrick Moran
Drayton Florence is unstoppable at playing Madden online, at least that‘s what he says. Suiting up when the game really counts on Sundays? Not so much.
Florence has been fighting a strained knee through much of the preseason and into the regular season. In fact he’s yet to see a snap since mid August. It’s certainly not what the Bills envisioned when they signed him a two-year, $6.6 million deal in March.
His inability to get on the field has left himself and many in the organization frustrated.   But it hasn’t prevented him from playing football.  Just not the way most Bills fans have been hoping for.

Florence has taken to twitter to find himself a combatant for Madden 2010. In fact, he is offering a ticket to any home game of the opponents choosing should they defeat him.

He tweeted this Friday..

DraytonFlorenceI’m challenging anybody in the new madden on xbox beat me and get a tik to any home game u choose tonight 7pm my gamer tag is FLO BANGUM

In defense of Florence, he’s used the video game to do a lot of good.  On September 9 he hosted a Madden Tournament at a Best Buy store and all proceeds benefitted his Drayton Florence Foundation charity.
Meanwhile, the Bills prepare to face an all-out aerial assault on Sunday, courtesy of the New Orleans Saints. With Leodis McKelvin and Terrence McGee already less than 100%, it would be nice to see the real Drayton Florence in action, rather than settling for “FLO BANGUM”.
*Update* Good news for Drayton. He can put down the controller.  Looks like He’s good to go on Sunday, according to Bills.com.  Then again, it remains to be seen if he’s active or not.


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1 Comment on Drayton Florence Will Crush You.. Sort of

  1. george

    am i the only one who has an issue with a guy making 6 mil. & expected to be a big contributer to the team having his biggest focus on who can beat him at fantasy football? how bout studying some game film, or better yet, doing some conditioning so he can actually take the field?!

    * on a side note i would crush him in madden

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"I have to do a better job adjusting to what we were getting.  It was one of those days where he was going to pressure us almost every snap. I have to have better answers than I did."

- Alex Van Pelt, Bills O.C.
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