McKelvin Reportedly Has a Change of Heart

Posted on September 17, 2009 by Patrick Moran

Leodis McKelvin has stated when it comes to returning that ill-fated kickoff Monday, he would do the same thing again.  Everyone believes him.

But when it comes to making public statements regarding the teenage youths who vandalized his home property, he’s proving to be not as quite convincing.

Yesterday during the Buffalo Bills media day, McKelvin told reporters gathered that he “didn’t want anybody to be arrested.

But according to this WBEN report  filed by Steve Chicon, Erie County District attorney Frank Sedita says he has a sworn affidavit from McKelvin which reads the second-year cornerback would like to press charges.

Chichon states Defense Attorney Terrence Connors told the radio station that if charges are brought up, they’d “likely be handled within the confines of family court, making it a confidential proceeding.”

According to the Hamburg police, in the hours following the Bills 25-24 loss to New England, two teenagers vandalized his front lawn, spray painting an obscenity and the final score of the game across his lawn.  McKelvin fumbled a kickoff return in the game’s waning moments that led to New England recovering and taking its only lead of the game; a lead that held up in the final seconds for a heartbreaking Buffalo loss.

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2 Comments on McKelvin Reportedly Has a Change of Heart

  1. Andrew Pavlina

    If you do the crime, I say you should do the time….
    Whats to stop these teens from doing something else, maybe even worse. Maybe this will put a little scare into themnot to do it again. What do you think they should do? Give them time out !!! NOT


    I don’t blame him for changing his mind. These punks need to be taught a lesson.

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