Breaking News: The Bills are awful

Posted on October 11, 2009 by Patrick Moran

And you thought last week’s Miami debacle was bad? By comparison that was Ali vs. Frazier all over again.

The Buffalo Bills went out, at home, against a winless Cleveland Browns team in a game they absolutely had to have. Rather than win, they laid the ultimate egg. The result was a 6-3 demoralizing loss and in essence dashed the Bills playoff dreams just five weeks into the season.

If you want to know how ghastly things have gotten for the Bills offense, here’s all you need to know; Browns quarterback Derek Anderson completed 2 of 17 passes for a total of 23 yards.. And he was the winning quarterback.

After the game several Bills were interviewed in the locker room, and nobody seemed to have any answers. I can name about 70,000+ fans leaving the stadium and millions more watching at home that have two simple answers. Get rid of Dick Jauron — and take Trent Edwards with you.

The Bills committed 13 penalties and 3 more that were declined. False starts, holding, illegal men down field. You name it, the Bills were guilty. The Bills had nine false starts alone, nine!

That’s a direct reflection of a head coach that doesn’t have his team ready to play on game day. Jauron (again) referred in his press conference to young players making mistakes ,the latest in a long line of excuses. Ten year veteran or rookie, these guys have played football long enough to know you don’t go before the ball is snapped.

Maybe Jauron should dummy down the offensive signal calling to:  ready………..set………..hike

Trent Edwards had one of his worst games as a pro, something we’re becoming accustomed to saying weekly. He completed 16-of-31 passes, including a horrible interception when the Bills were driving late in the third quarter. Edwards has tossed only one touchdown in the past three games while throwing five interceptions.

Even the special teams, spectacular in recent years has been downright dreadful. Roscoe Parrish’s fumble on a punt late in the game sealed the Browns win. It’s the second huge late game special teams fumble in five games that cost them dearly. The Bills also lead the NFL with 11 special teams penalties.

The news didn’t get better on the injury front either. A report said Kawika Mitchell suffered a broken leg, which will end his season. Marcus Buggs was also carted out with a leg injury and Jonathan Scott left in the second half with an ankle problem.

The Bills ran the ball with some effectiveness. Marshawn Lynch ran for 69 yards on 17 carries while Edwards added 40 on scrambles. But the Bills failed to find the end zone on the ground again and have yet to score a single rushing touchdown this season.

Terrell Owens was clearly more involved in the game early, catching four passes for 44 yards before halftime, but he was shut out in the second half.

You can point a finger in a slew of different directions and at specific people, but the biggest needs to go square in the unemotional face of its head coach.

How owner Ralph Wilson can continue to employ Jauron following today is mind boggling. The Bills are 1-4 on the season and have stunk up the field on consecutive Sundays against previously winless teams. Jauron is now 22-31 as the Bills head coach and clearly on a path for a fourth consecutive playoff-less campaign again.

They’ve clearly regressed in every aspect of the game; offense, defense and special teams. Injuries are a factor but can’t be an excuse. The team takes bad penalties, the offensive line is horrid, the defense gets beaten up and worn down late in games, and their quarterback has increasingly taken on the cowardly personality of its head coach.

To make matters worse the Bills now face a public relations fiasco. Wilson was scheduled to be honored with a halftime ceremony in which he was to be presented with his Hall of Fame ring. It was reported by the media, including here. It was also reported by the Pro Football Hall of Fame website themself. Yet there was no ceremony at the half, and the Bills suddenly denied anything was formally planned. Obviously the organization had no desire to subject Wilson to the parade of jeers that were to drown out any speech he had prepared.

For the love of God, CBS even showed fans going back to the paper bags over their head by the time the game ended. Has it come down to this already?

It’s time for a change—and that change has to come now. It’s inconceivable for Wilson to think Jauron can ever turn this team around. So why wait? While he may be advanced in age and possess the “seen it all” before attitude, he has to be observent enough to know the fan base is perilously close to turning on this team….Permanently.

Or does he simply no longer care?

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6 Comments on Breaking News: The Bills are awful

  1. FireDickNow

    Sign the petition at

  2. Brown Baggin it!

    Unfortunatly this is buffalo pro football, mediocre players, mediocre coaches. But they seem to do just enough to fill the stands, and as long as us lemmings keep buying tickets and jerseys and such, what do the owner care? Why spend the money on a real coach, or a competative team when you are raking in the same amount of money with the crap they put on the field? Maybe if the stands are empty, and the over-priced beers and consessions aren’t selling it might cause a change.

  3. Scott

    The answer is Ralph hasn’t cared in a very long time. It’s painfully obvious. Look at the coaches/GMs that have been hired, the players that have been let go because they wanted contracts, they players they have signed through free agency or the draft picks the Bills have made in the last 10 years. It’s all about the money and it’s become painfully obvious the Ralph is penny wise and dollar stupid.

    If he fires Dick it will be a miracle considering the ridiculous 3 year extension he gave him last year. This is an owner who was AFRAID OF HIS OWN FANS today at halftime and cancelled his HOF Ring ceremony. He won’t take another risk in bringing in another useless coach and getting the same results.

    And even if he did who would want to take over a team with this many problems and is this bad? He needs to fire everyone from the top down, starting with the GM and going from there. Considering this season is basically lost already (and if he waits until after next week’s loss it definitely will be over) what would the point be? This team is going nowhere regardless of the head coach. The best thing Ralph can do right now is wait until the season is over and start over from scratch, and I don’t think he’s going to eat that kind of a hit financially.

    The only other thing Ralph can do to help this team turn into a winner is sell it now and get it over with. This waiting until he dies thing to see “what will happen” is getting old.

  4. wwwmattcomS

    Yea, WOW, i live in NJ and I was wearing a paper bag in my living room. I am asahmed to be a Bills fan. Ralph is the most worthless owner. I can’t believe he is in the HOF. It’s probably because he is still alive that he is in the HOF. I wish Ralph could hear his fans. He is just not listening to anyone apparently. He is going out as a joke. When is he going to die? That is a very good question because it is probably no sooner than when the team is sold. Stubborn mule of an owner should just go back to Detroit. Your legacy is now a losing franchise. This season is how I will forever remember Ralph Wilson.

  5. Tim K.

    Russ Brandon, the general manager is NOT a football man, he’s a bean counter. Look back through Bills history, When a bean counter runs the team, this is the kind of football you get! They’re only interested in making money, CHEAPLY!!


    It’s like 1971 all over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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