Dick Jauron “Presser” Coverage & News

Posted on October 12, 2009 by Patrick Moran
Most people were hoping for a Monday afternoon Dick Jauron press conference. They got it, but not the type they were anticipating.  Jauron is keeping his job, for now at least, and proceeded with his weekly presser.Here’s what came of it.
Injury update:
 Kawika Mitchell and Marcus Buggs both suffered knee injuries that will require surgery.  Both are done for the season, a huge blow to the defense particularly with Mitchell. The Bills now have two roster spots to fill.

Jonathan Scott: Ankle injury and is day to day.

Paul Posluszny, Donte Whitner and Bryan Scott are all week to week with injuries.

Things of note:

* The Bills will work out linebackers this week and sign one or two. Regarding Nic Harris, who’s been working at safety with Scott and Whitner out, Jauron said “it makes sense right now before we have any of those workouts that Nic will move back up.”

* Jauron said that he didn’t speak to Ralph Wilson after the game and hasn’t yet today. He will at some point today, as he usually does every Monday following a game.

* Jauron was typically evasive when asked if there would be any changes in the lineup. “We’ll analyze all those things as we meet today.” Jauron said.

* Doesn’t think the false start penalties are a function of the no huddle, but will give it some thought.

* There is no consideration about moving first round draft pick Aaron Maybin to linebacker to help compensate for the line backing injuries.


Some quotes from the lame duck embattled head coach

On the Browns game

“The game (Browns) obviously, it is what it is. It was really a letdown for all of us. Offensively we just didn’t et much done. That means we didn’t score. You got to score in this league. Then we had a big turnover on special teams and clearly that was huge in the football game. So that’s where it is, we got to do a better job. I’ve got to do a better job of giving them a chance, finding different ways and I haven’t found those days. Certainly in the last three weeks offensively we just haven’t gotten it done.”

Regarding if his tenure as Bills’ coach will come up when he speaks to Wilson today

“I don’t know. I don’t know”.

Jauron was asked if he feel he deserves to stay on as head coach

“I understand why you ask it. I understand why you have to ask it. I’ll never respond to it. I just won’t respond to the question. I don’t see any reason for me to, it’s not a decision that I make”.

On if all the criticism should be directed towards himself with Trent Edwards’ struggles

“It probably should be. That’s the job. I’m in that position. I haven’t been able to reach him to help him particularly in these last three games to get him over the hump, to get us where we win. So I understand the criticism.

On whether or not Edwards is making poor decisions

“Yeah, I think there’s clearly issues in a lot of places but it’s just not Trent.

On the false start problems

“I don’t know the reason for those penalties. I know we certainly don’t have them in practice. It’s not a problem for us in practice. Practice is clearly not a.. we don’t have the distractions there either. But there’s no excuse I can make for it. There’s no where to go with it. We just got to get better.”

On if all the criticism towards him is a distraction to the team

“No I don’t think so. I really don’t think so. But I can’t speak for everybody, I can only speak for myself. The nature of our game and maybe the nature of any professional sport is that you get that chance every week to look ahead. You’re preparing for the next game, and the next game is so exciting and to play a game is so exciting. The opportunity is so great that you got to get by anything else real fast and go on. We’re all in because we love it. It’s unbelievable.”

Unbelievable? Tell us about it.

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1 Comment on Dick Jauron “Presser” Coverage & News

  1. sick of sucking

    I hear they just started a new football league called the UFL and even they feel the bills play sucks; recently the Bills applied to be an expansion team but were denied, the letter from the UFL read as follows.

    Dear Mr. Wilson,

    Thank you for your interest in becoming a UFL Expansion Franchise. We are sorry to inform you that we cannot approve your request at this time as your teams’ quality of play just does not meet our very low standards. We hear that the Orchard Park Flag Football League has more flexibilty with their standards so this may be a better fit for your organization at this time. Maybe after some seasoning there your teams play will reach our very low standards for approval.

    We will keep your application on file and reconsider your request if the situation changes, but as long as you are the owner and you choose to keep your current staff of comedians running your once proud football team we highly doubt that the situation will change enough for us to reconsider.

    Good Luck in Toronto,

    Michael Huyghue
    UFL Commish

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