“FireDickJauron” Billboard Campaign a Success

Posted on October 13, 2009 by Patrick Moran

Ryan Abshagen may be a Bills fan who’s merely 18 years old, but he’s seen enough of the Buffalo Bills to conclude he doesn’t want Dick Jauron roaming his favorite team’s sideline. Contrasting to the majority of fans contempt to vent to in the living room, supper table, water cooler or local tavern, Abshagen took his disdain for Jauron a step further.

He created the website “FireDickJauron“. While the site helped spread its self explanatory message, apparently it wasn’t enough. He started a campaign soliciting donations to purchase a billboard on the Buffalo I-190 Interstate, specifically to let Ralph Wilson know what the fans think of a coach who’s won exactly 3 of his last 15 games.

The goal was to raise $1125.00.  It took little time to generate a buzz. His site was mentioned by WGRZ and WKBW locally following the Bills debacle against Cleveland Sunday. Then it expanded nationally to NFL.com.

Tonight he appeared tonight on the “Buffalo Bills Now” Ustream show hosted by Sal Capaccio. By the time the show was over, Abshagen’s site met its goal. Amazingly the money was raised in only four days.

According to the young Jauron non-admirer, the billboard will be obtained and erected for all drivers to see on the 190-Interstate near the Smith Street exit.

The site is still accepting donations to prolong the life of the billboard in the event they do not get their wish granted of a Jauron canning soon enough.

In the event Jauron is fired before the billboard goes up, Abshagen says he will return all the money raised to its original donors.

We’re fairly certain it’s money donators wouldn’t mind eating.

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7 Comments on “FireDickJauron” Billboard Campaign a Success

  1. Steve


  2. frank

    good job kid i’m impressed, however i think this sign needs to be more specific some people may not know who “dick” is i think “jauron” needs to be in there as well..again, great job!

  3. Billy

    I think it’s a disgrace that people would openly cheer for, and campaign for a man to lose his job, especially in such a poor economy.

    The money raised for the billboard should be donated to a charity to make sure something constructive is done with it, rather than spending it on fickle opinions of a sports team.

    Hope none of the supporters lose their jobs………

  4. Don Goergen

    I love the passion of Bills Fans !!!!

  5. Jesse

    I agree 1 MILLION PERCENT….He makes bad calls during games..We have two of the best WR in the game and neither of them are getting the ball…. we should be 4-1 not 1-4….

  6. Rodney

    Well Billy if you had a passion for any team you would think different,to that i add if you did poorly in your job you would be fired too….this is not a new concept it is just business!!!!!!!

  7. Don Goergen

    As head coach for the Buffalo Bills, Dick Jauron has had full season records of 7 - 9; 7 - 9; and 7 - 9. At least he’s consistent. This year his record is 1 - 4. That means he would have to finish the season with a 6 - 5 record just to match his mediocre records of the past 3 seasons. If the Bills go 6 - 5 for the rest of this season, I’ll buy a round of beers for the sell-out crowd at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

    RALPH PLEASE FIRE DICK and hire Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden or maybe Steve Tasker.

    Don G. in Detroit

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