Hardy Adamantly Denies Any Gun Gift-Giving

Posted on October 28, 2009 by Patrick Moran

Buffalo Bills wide receiver James Hardy is currently dating Antonio “Toya” Carter, ex-wife of well known rapper Lil’ Wayne.   She co-starred in the BET reality show “Tiny and Toya”

Carter, who lives in Georgia just turned 25.   According to the popular urban website, Media Takeout.Com, one of the lavish gifts she was received was actually a pink-colored hand gun.

The site captioned the picture as saying “Her boyfriend NFLer James Hardy bought her a pink glock.. Before ya’ll start going crazy, she lives in Georgia, ad you can practically buy a bazooka there legally.”

The post originated from speculation after Carter posted on her twitter (which has since been taken down) a photo of the gun along with a quote “This is one of my B-day gifts from someone special.”

The  post has quickly generated buzz nationally, especially with Hardy being in trouble in the past on a gun accusation.

Hardy immediately took to his twitter account to vehemently deny any accusation regarding the gun gift for Carter.

“To all the bloggers & followers: I JAMES HARDY DID NOT & WOULD NEVER PURCHASE A HANDGUN 4 @Antonia Carter.”

I just spoke to Hardy’s publicist, Patrice Horton regarding the alleged gift.  She told me emphatically that the only thing Hardy bought her for a birthday gift was a pair of shoes and a handbag.

According to Horton, multiple media outlets have already contacted her about the growing story, including ESPN.

“She (Carter) usually refers to him on twitter as someone special.  Everybody automatically thought the reference was supposed towards him- her boyfriend or whatever he’s supposed to be.”

Horton, for obvious reasons expressed concern over the gun purchase and wants it crystal clear it wasn‘t a gift that came from her client.

“It was not James that purchased that gun.” she said obstinately.

Carter and Hardy have been dating since June, when the two went on a blind date on the BET show.

As most Bills fans know, Hardy has a checkered past with the law.  In 2006 he was arrested on an battery charges.  In May of 2008, Hardy was implicated in Indiana with pulling a gun on his father.

His life has been anything but simple.

“James has had a lot of hard times in the past, but he didn’t buy any gun for Toya,” Horton said.   “He bought her shoes and a handbag.  He’s dedicated himself to being a good person and a good citizen. Someone people can be proud of.”

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14 Comments on Hardy Adamantly Denies Any Gun Gift-Giving

  1. Eric

    Would love to see the big 6′6″ guy out there this season.

  2. bvllets

    I don’t get why this would be a big deal. People buy guns.

  3. josh

    If he is so serious about his career and buffalo then why was he at a party buying guns he is not focused on football obviously and should just go be an entertainer

  4. Bob

    Y is buying someone a gun who is female, small, and lives alone and drives a half million dollar car a BAD IDEA?

  5. Soreal4u

    Go girl, I just think that he wouldn’t be stupid enough to buy a child a gun… But if the gun was for Toya, So what!! so he want to make sure she can handle herself when he is not around.. Stop making a big deal about nothing…

  6. John

    she said he didn’t buy the gun, so get over it.

  7. Morgan London

    OMG… It is not that big a deal. Even if he did buy the gun; there are humans who are able to have guns for protection! Ewwww people get out of their biz anyway. She was trying to “include” her followers in her life. She won’t tell you guys anything else!

  8. ms . fantasy

    May @ josh u shouldn’t worry about mr. Hardy u just seem madd about his money fame and wealth

  9. Patrick Moran

    I am not sure how well you know James Hardy or some things he’s been in hot water for in the past, but if you did you would know that any legalities aside it is a very big for him, and it’s important for him to have a forum to deny buying the gun, which he was forced to do after media takeout captioned word for word that it was him that purchased it.

    Again, it is a big deal for him and its publicity that he doesn’t want nor need

  10. aniya


  11. josh

    He is a problem and buffalo does not need it and he does not especially he needs to be traded we have T.O !

  12. stephanie

    i dont think that this info should have been released. Media take have the tendency to blow things way out of porportion. I hope this doesn’t affect their relationship. He is fine as hell,they make a cute couple, and they both deserve happiness.

  13. Alyeashia

    Just leave this man alone, I don’t see why is it anybodies business what he buy her.They are both adults.Let them enjoy each other & the media needs to take their ass somewhere else.They are always in somebody buziness.

  14. Time to turn to Hardy : Buffalo Sports Daily

    [...] gun as a birthday gift.  Popular urban website Media Takeout.com reported it and upon finding out, Hardy adamantly denied the gun gift-giving.  Soon after our story was published, Carter took down her tweet and the Media Takeout website [...]

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