Requiem for a Talley

Posted on October 24, 2009 by Patrick Moran

When it came to consistency, toughness and leadership, few if any Bills did it  better than Darryl Talley.  At Buffalo Sports Daily, we’ve made it our mission to spread the word to fans and Hall of Fame voters that the team’s all-time leading tackler is deserving of Hall of Fame consideration.

While Talley is an underdog to get enshrined, it’s ridiculous to not at least include him in serious conversation.  He never missed a game in his 12 seasons with the Bills, and to a man; Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith, Jim Kelly and all the former greats have said it— Talley was the heart and soul of those dominant AFC Championship teams.

Check out this video created by our resident videographer Jerry Noworyta.  For anyone who remembers this era, it’s sure to send chills down your spine.  Do you think the current edition of the Bills could use a little of this?

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12 Comments on Requiem for a Talley

  1. Nancy Callahan

    Darryl Talley deserves to be in the Hall of Fame….

  2. Shelby Light

    Talley is a class act, and one of the all time greatest. He deserves the recognition of being voted into the Hall of Fame. Thank you, Darryl, for the years you contributed to my Buffalo Bills and made them outstanding. God Bless.

  3. Steve-o

    Let’s make this happen!

  4. Roger

    Talley definitely deserves this!!

  5. Rick Palazzo

    If you were ever a fan or watched the Buffalo Bills during their heyday you could not help but notice #56 on defense … Darryl Talley. The man was all over the field making tackles, batting down balls, covering receivers, blowing up plays … raising havoc all over the field. Darryl was the most under-appreciated, under-recognized member of this team by the media, when in fact “Spiderman” was viewed by his team mates and peers as the quintessential team player.

    It is this unselfish, leader by example, team first mentality that is at the heart of what makes a professional football player worthy of carrying the title of “Hall of Famer”.

    This is the type of player we want our children to look up to and to aspire to emulate. This is why Canton needs to have Darryl Talley inducted into that brotherhood, The Pro Football Hall of Fame.

  6. Tony Lyons

    Darryl along with Bruce, Andre, Jim, Kent and Thurman were my favorite players from the 90s. Darryl was a true leader and such a down to earth good guy. My mom, may she rest in peace, met him a couple of times. She was a great judge of character and she walked away thoroughly impressed with him. One time was if I remember right when he was working as a manager in a McDonalds in the offseason because he was already thinking ahead to when football was over and wanted to get some experience under his belt so that he could own a franchise someday. Imagine a modern player doing that? That said so much about this great man. A true leader of other men and a heck of a football player.

  7. Dave

    Get this man intot he Hall of Fame where he deserves and belongs. DT was and still is one of my favorite Bills. The man was a monster for our defense and if it wasnt for him on the Defense I dont think we would of been as dominant as we were. DT you were and still are the Man of the BILLS DEFENSE!!

  8. Tony

    Darryl Talley is a class act, fierce competitor, great teammate and heart & soul of our Bills D. He needs to get a bid into the HOF or atleast recognition/consideration. His stats & teammates speaks for himself, what a humble genuine player/person…

  9. Paul D

    Talley rules! I wish the Bills had a LB the caliber of him today. He should be a shoo in for the Hall of fame.

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  11. kennyshank

    Darryl Talley is indeed a class act,I remember the super bowl years but seeing that makes me wonder how the Bills can EVER get there again, Anyhow,I remember when he left Buffalo,(don’t recall if he was cut or what happened), He took out a FULL PAGE AD in a buffalo newspaper THANKING THE FANS !!!We could really use a guy like that now….

  12. Darryl Talley Offers To Work With Ralph Wilson : Buffalo Sports Daily

    [...] and ensured more people would feel the same, as evidenced by our Jerry Noworyta’s brilliant Requiem for a Talley [...]

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