The Fire Jauron Movement is Close to Hastening

Posted on October 1, 2009 by Patrick Moran

While the greater part of fans… and a portion of the media would love to quicken the “Fire Dick Jauron” movement, there’s nothing from One Bills Drive suggesting a change is imminent.

That may change however should the Buffalo Bills drop Sunday’s game to their winless, divisional rival Miami Dolphins.
Jauron may play clueless on the sidelines and always occasionally at press conferences, but he’s not a mindless man. A loss to Miami all but eliminates Buffalo from serious playoff contention at just the quarter point of the season. At 1-3, The Bills would be 0-2 in their division, after going winless within last season, and right on pace towards carrying out a decade long playoff drought.

The Bills have been afflicted with a rash of untimely injuries, and Jauron is quick to remind you at his pressers. They don’t stand alone. Miami is also a banged up team and no injury is more prevalent than quarterback Chad Pennington, who’s done for the season with a shoulder injury. Chad Henne will make his NFL starting debut against the Bills. Linebacker Joey Porter killed the Bills last year but is also injured. He has a bad hamstring and is questionable for Sunday’s game.

The Bills have zero excuses.

For what it’s worth, Jauron was asked about his job security at his press conference on Wednesday. If he is concerned about losing his job, he’s didn’t illustrate so.

“No. Seems like we’ve talked about this and have talked about it. I’ve never felt any different from the first game until this game,” Jauron said to a pool of reporters Wednesday when asked if he was worried about his job. “The first game I’ve played probably to this point. I loved being a player in the NFL, I loved playing and I love coaching in the NFL. There’s a lot of pressure and it’s fun, its a lot of fun. Just go out and do the best you can all the time and enjoy it as much as you can because it’s great to be part of a team. It really is. And then move on, you know go onto the next one and get it ready and do the best you can.”

The best he can doesn’t seem to be good enough for fed up, playoff hungry fans. There’s now websites out there with specific intentions of getting Jauron canned. is one of them. A poll conducted asking  if Jauron should be fired drew 301 voters. Ninety four percent of voters chimed in yes. I’d love to meet the four voters who chose “never”.

Another website, FireDickNow has taken it a step further. They have “Dick” tee shirts for sale as well as an online petition and blog.

There’s even a Facebook group page dedicated to seeing Jauron fired that’s at 450 members strong and growing.

Fans feel they have ample grounds for the head calling. Jauron is 58-78 in his ten years as head coach, including 22-29 with the Bills over three-plus years. More alarmingly, he’s only won two of 23 games as Buffalo coach against teams that finished the season with a winning record.

Maybe Jauron isn’t worried now, but an eighth straight divisional loss may sound the alarm inside owner Ralph Wilson’s head.

Even at his stubborn age, Wilson can’t hold off the mutiny of frustrated fans much longer. Lose to the winless, hated Fins without their starting quarterback — and heat is surely bound to reach scorching levels.

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4 Comments on The Fire Jauron Movement is Close to Hastening

  1. LifetimeBillsFan

    Only fans who have never seen what happens to a pro football team that fires its coach in mid-season would want to see Dick Jauron fired before the end of the season. Firing Jauron now won’t make the Bills any better this season, while history strongly suggests that it would make the team much worse. There are very few examples in the last 40 years of a NFL team getting significantly better after firing its HC in mid-season, while there are numerous examples of teams that fell apart after a mid-season coaching change.

    Moreover, no decent head coach worth his salt is going to be interested in taking over the team in mid-season. The top head coaches who are available: Cowher, Holmgren, Gruden, etc., are going to want to start fresh at the end of the season when they can hire the assistant coaches that they want and begin installing their own systems on both sides of the ball. Even if a good HC wants to keep many of the same players and utilizes a similar offensive and defensive system, he will want to have the time to tailor the team to his own making that he can only get during the offseason. Which means that, if the Bills fire Jauron, they are only going to get stuck with one of the current assistants replacing him, probably either April or Fewell, both of whom have never been a head coach before. And, having an assistant in place as head coach can only serve to muddle the decision on who to hire to be the head coach next season.

    It would be much smarter to let Jauron coach out this season and fire him if the team doesn’t make the playoffs (which it probably won’t). Then, Ralph should go out and hire one of the better head coaches out there-preferably one who will not feel the need to take 3-4 years to turn over the roster in order to field a winning team. Doing this may result in a 6 win season, firing Jauron now could result in a 2 win season. Which would you prefer? Six wins is better to me.

  2. Ballzy

    2 wins would bring a better draft choice. If the Bills are going to suck, they may as well suck enough to bring in a better prospect. 6 wins means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

  3. scotty

    Jauron is a butt-plug.

  4. Rapid

    LifetimeBillsFan, for you to this makes you sound dumb. This asshat should have been gone last year and we all know it. He is a 2 time failure and not what a young team like this needs. by firing him now and getting Cower or even Gruden would make the team 10 times better. It would be a start for next year because face it the year is all but over with a 1-3 start. Oh by the way we are 0-2 in the division with NY Jets and NE which we will face in 3 games.

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Every game you're playing for your job, every game you're coaching for your job. I really enjoy it. I'd enjoy it a lot more if we were winning obviously. I love the job, I love the league. We'll take them one game at a time and go forward.

- Dick Jauron
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