Things That Will Happen Before Tyler Myers Is Sent Back

Posted on October 28, 2009 by BSD Staff Reports

So after tonight the drama ends.  Buffalo Sabres’ rookie defensemen Tyler Myers is playing his ninth and final game against New Jersey, before general manager Darcy Regier must decide to keep him and have his rookie contract kick in, or send him back to his Junior hockey team, Kelowna.

Since we pride ourselves here at Buffalo Sports Daily on making bold predictions, we’re going to put our hard-earned reputation on the line and conclude Myers is going to stick around.  We think he just may have a future in this town.

It what could be best categorized as lying through his teeth unintentional humor, Regier told the Buffalo News that no decision has been made.

“I haven’t [made a decision], and we haven’t, because we know what the time frame is,” the Sabres’ general manager told News reporter John Vogl a couple of days ago. “We know that we’ve got the games to watch him, and we’ll take that time.

“As a group, we really haven’t talked about it a lot because we’re going to allow it to play out, then we’ll make a decision afterward.”

We’ll make it easy for you, Darcy.  The only place Myers is going anytime soon is on a house hunting trip with a soon-to-be real estate agent.

In fact, we’ve taken the liberty of creating a bunch of headlines that you’re more likely to see than “Myers gets sent back to Juniors” .

They include:

♣  And the 2010 Grammy for best pop collaboration goes to.    Kanye West and Taylor Swift!

♣  Donte Whitner surpasses Jairus Byrd in career interceptions

♣  Tune into the Jon & Kate Plus 8 reunion show

♣  Billboard goes up on campus of UB calling for Turner Gill to be fired

♣  Balloon boy’s dad named Family Circle’s Father of the Year

♣  Trent Edwards drops back..  And goes long four times!

♣  Seth Rogan takes home the Oscar..  again

♣  AFC Pro Bowl coach Dick Jauron names Bill Belicheck as assistant.

♣  United States defeats Brazil.. Wins World Cup!

♣  Patrick Lalime gets second straight shutout.

♣  Trumped? “The Donald”  proposes to Rosie O’Donnell

♣  Buffalo Bills hire Jerry Sullivan for Public Relations consultant role.

♣  T.O. gets married..  Skip Bayless serves as best man

♣  Patrick Kaleta nabs Lady Byng Trophy

(Feel free to add your own headline in the comment section)

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6 Comments on Things That Will Happen Before Tyler Myers Is Sent Back

  1. bvllets

    Puff Daddy stars as 007 in “Cocked and Loaded”

  2. Jan Reimers

    Usama Bin Laden Wins Nobel Peace Prize.

    Obama Praises Fox News For its Fair and Balanced Reporting.

    Writers of “1,000 Ways to Die” Win Pulitzer.

    Best Actress Oscar Goes to Jessica Simpson.

    Britany Spears Voted Mother of the Year.

  3. Patrick Moran

    haha. Those are both good.
    Crap shoulda consulted with you guys first.

  4. Brian

    Bob Saggot wins best stand up comedy performance !

  5. Brian

    The population in the city of buffalo is on the RISE !

  6. Thane S

    Tupac comes back to life and admits to killing Biggie.

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