Thurman Thomas: “I hope T.O. goes off”

Posted on October 5, 2009 by Patrick Moran

Thurman Thomas is a Buffalo icon. The Hall of Fame running back still lives, breathes and sleeps Buffalo Bills Football. When he’s not talking about goats and trash with former teammate Darryl Talley on his twitter, he’s heavily engaged in the happenings of the team he once helped build into a NFL powerhouse.

Thomas appeared this morning on his weekly WGR-550 radio talk show alongside host Mike Schoop, and was less than enthusiastic about this year’s version of the Bills. He minced no opinion when it comes to their current seemingly hopeless state.

Perhaps his strongest comments were saved for Terrell Owens, who’s been tranquil through the first quarter of the season . Owens only has eight catches through four games, the worst stretch of his career since becoming a starter in 1996.

Yet Owens, known for his outbursts off the field as much as his elite production on it, has been uncharacteristically compliant in the locker room and with the media.

Thomas would like to see that change.. and soon.

“I hope T.O. goes off.,” Thomas said. “ Maybe it will get some fire in those guys. Something needs to be done over there. Something needs to be done. Somebody has to come out and say something to change the attitude around there.”

Some of his more notable comments from the show:

On the playoff drought that is nine years running
“ The fans need something better. With free agency and the draft and everything, you shouldn’t go nine years without making the playoffs.

On a perceived lack of leadership in the locker room
“I would love to be on this team right now. I’d be calling people out. I really would. Not just me, any player from those teams that were here in the 90’s, they’d be calling people out. They would be. Trust me.”

On Dick Jauron’s Job Security
“Something has to change. I don’t know what that something is going to be. But something has to change.”

On Jauron undeniably perhaps being the wrong kind of coach for this team
“You want a head coach that’s going to be more than a head coach. You want a guy who’s going to have your back no matter what happens. I hear these press conferences with coach Jauron and it’s the same- over, and over, and over again. He shows no emotion. When you look at a lot of players in their press conferences too, they’re the same way. I really believe if you don’t have players that are capable of going out and turning a situation around themselves, you always have to look at your head coach.”

On why the Bills are so bad
“I think it goes way back, starting with the (draft picks).”

On “Captain Checkdown” Trent Edwards
“ I think Trent (Edwards) is going though his progressions too fast. I think they (defenses) are making him check down. They’re dropping linebackers back 15 yards and making him check down. They make it look easy.

On Trent Edwards’ lack of consistency
“We’ve seen him play well and we’ve seen him play bad. When is it going to be time for Trent to play well four or five games in a row? If Trent throws for 300 yards for the next three or four games, even if they lose, I think people will be happy.”

On the fans lack of faith in the front office
“Right now the fans are probably thinking if they (front office) do decide to get rid of their coaching staff, it’ll probably the same. If you look at the history over the last nine years that’s what it’s been. They really haven’t did anything over there to change people’s minds about the last nine years.”

On the offensive line
“The offensive line is a big part of. When you talk about good football teams you talk about the offensive line. Maybe they should go out and look for some of those veteran guys.”

On where this team is headed
“If they keep playing like they’re playing. You might be looking at a top five pick.”

On what the Bills need to do to build better chemistry
“ I think what made us a close as a team and made us a really good team was that we hung out together. I don’t think any of these players hang out together. That’s how you build a relationship. That’s how you can build a relationship that can last for a long time and once you get into the heat of battle, you look at that player different knowing that you can trust that player.

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2 Comments on Thurman Thomas: “I hope T.O. goes off”

  1. Kevin Shenoy

    thurmand and talley are saying they’d call players out. Why don’t they do it? they have nothing to lose.

  2. wwwmattcom

    I totally agree with you Thurman. This team has no fire. No leadership. IN the early nineties everyone was on fire and no one had to speak out because everyone was on the same page. A muted T.O. is evident of a lackluster team in Buffalo with no heart. Come on T.O., your career has been phenominal, you are a leader, wake up the leaders in everyone else on that team. Which is also Jauron’s job.

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