Darryl Talley Offers To Work With Ralph Wilson

Posted on November 20, 2009 by Patrick Moran

In the short-lived time since Buffalo Sports Daily has been launched, former Buffalo Bills great Darryl Talley has become our “go to” guy.  He was the first prominent athlete we conducted a one-on-one interview with.  In part, it’s because we consider him worthy of being in the NFL Hall of Fame conversation, and ensured more people would feel the same, as evidenced by our Jerry Noworyta’s brilliant Requiem for a Talley video.

So in the wake of the Dick Jauron firing bombshell this week, I thought it was only fitting to contact Talley and get his thoughts and insight.  As stated in my previous interview with him, Talley is one of, if not the most underrated player to ever put on a Buffalo uniform.  The franchise’s all-time leading tackler spent a dozen years in the organization as a player, and to this day has a heavy heart watching the Bills suffer defeats on Sundays.

But love isn’t only blind, it’s deaf, dumb, and stupid. As a team leader Talley rarely minced words on the field or in the locker room, and his manner hasn’t been altered in the 15 years since last suiting up for the franchise.  He doesn’t like the direction the Bills have went over the last several seasons.

Among many things, Talley thinks Ralph Wilson should consider bringing back some of the players from his era, you know- the habitual Bills playoff team era, to help right a ship that’s plummeted over the past decade.

He’s even willing to formally come back to the team as a consultant and thinks certain  players would follow suit.

“While I know it is not his (Ralph Wilson’s) policy to hire former players, maybe it is time to for him to rethink his feelings on the matter and consider hiring a few guys from years’ past on a consulting basis,” Talley said. “What we did, how we did it and why, is something I would be more than happy to share with the powers that be.”

Talley watches all the Bills’ games on television just like the rest of you.  What he’s seen is a team that lacks overall passion and commitment, and he feels that’s a product of the head coach that until now resided over the roster.

“While I hate to see anyone lose their job it was only a matter of time before Mr. Wilson made a move and fired Dick Jauron,” Talley said. “The team is in disrepair and the head coach is usually the first casualty besides, the fans in Buffalo demanded it.”

“From all accounts he was a good guy personally. As a head coach he did not fit the bill. Perhaps it was just his style-I never sat in on a meeting with him or heard him in the locker room at halftime- but he lacked an overall enthusiasm that is a basic necessity for a head coaching position at any level. The guy just never seemed to possess the sense of urgency that this team needs.”

But while many fans rejoiced at Jauron’s dismissal, he’s far from the only reason this has been a playoff-less decade.  To be a winner Talley says, you need to play the game like nothing else in the world matters.  He thinks far too many off-field distractions prevent the Bills from reaching their full potential.

The Buffalo Bills can handle pain.. Until it hurts.

“What so many people that I have spoken with seem to not realize is that while the head coach is a huge part of a team’s success, so is healthy players, players that gel and players that want to play football more than they want their next breath.” he said.

“While I don’t begrudge anyone making a living, players today are the victim of too many distractions that are not directly associated with the game at hand. All of these other things should be put on hold until after the season so that the game can once again be the only focus.”

Rebuilding is a word few football fans want to hear, particularly in Buffalo.  This decade has been one long winded rebuilding process.  But Talley says that no coach is going to turn around the team overnight, and Bills fan need to continue having patience.

The road leading to the end of the season is going to be a bumpy one for the Bills, fans need to have patience,” he said.  “More than likely the Bills will receive a high draft pick and every effort should be made at One Bills Drive to take advantage of this blessing in disguise.”

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3 Comments on Darryl Talley Offers To Work With Ralph Wilson

  1. bvllets

    Nice Article. I think it’s worth considering.

  2. Web Rumblings: Buffalo BIlls Links, 11/21 | Buffalo Bills Blog

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  3. LifetimeBillsFan

    Excellent article, Pat.

    What Darryl Talley says is true. There are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes in an organization and in the lockerroom that fans don’t know about that determine whether a franchise in any sport, including the NFL, will be successful. A player can have all the talent in the world and look great in college, but not have the desire or work-ethic to make an impact in the NFL once he gets a big contract, etc.

    A number of the former Bills who played in the Super Bowl years care about the franchise and still follow the team closely. Ralph Wilson is missing out on a valuable resource by not letting them help his team out in whatever capacities they are most able and suited to do, be it as a consultant, assistant coach or “special instructor”. If they are willing to help, why not take advantage of their insights: they know what it takes to win and be successful in the NFL as a Buffalo Bill.

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