Jauron Hints At Changes In Presser

Posted on November 16, 2009 by Patrick Moran

Dick Jauron met with the media this afternoon, a day after the Buffalo Bills 41-17 fiasco in Tennessee that saw them give up 24 unanswered fourth quarter points.

On the injury front, Demetrius Bell suffered a knee injury yesterday and Ashton Youboty left with a high ankle sprain.

Bell will see a doctor again today after seeing the team’s physician yesterday, but Jauron sounded anything but assured he‘d back soon.

“We’re not optimistic about that at this point.” Jauron said., who also indicated they’ll bring in some free agents to work out this week.

“I believe we will bring people to work them out.  Whoever is available we’ll bring them in and look at them. We’ve got a pretty good idea because of our (injury) situation through the year who is available. We’ll be as thorough as we can be.”

Besides Bell going down, Jamon Meredith is fighting a knee problem and Jonathan Scott still hasn’t returned to the team since leaving before this weekend to what the team deems a personal issue.

Although Jauron wouldn’t discuss potential personnel changes today, he did give indication that on-field changes could be coming this week.

“There’s possibility of changes certainly on the field, the ones I’m talking about are on the football team, the only ones that I have any control over.  Again, we’ll meet. We talked about some things this morning and we’ll talk more about it later and tomorrow.”

“We’ll make all our personnel decisions on Wednesday and that’s all I’m going to say about it.” Jauron said.

While Jauron declined to talk specifically about the chance of Ryan Fitzpatrick going back in at quarterback over Trent Edwards, his assessment of Edwards’ was hardly an endorsement.  If nothing else, he was unusually non-committal to him.

“I thought he did some good things and did some things that we’d like to have back.”

“I think I still have confidence in him.  It hasn’t gone the way any of us would like it to have gone to this point.  Certainly the football team, certainly our fans and certainly the front office and ownership.  We’ll just keep working and try to get the thing righted.”

Jauron was also asked about potential turmoil brewing on the team following Terrell Owens’ rant to receivers coach Tyke Tolbert on the side line yesterday.

“No, not attitude-wise,” he said.  “Our 3-6 record is not where any of us want to be.  But attitude wise I’d say absolutely not.”

Jauron also dismissed Owens’ tirade, chalking up to seeing it many times before.  He also wouldn’t say he wished Owens’ wouldn’t have done it.

“I’ve seen so many of those in the National Football League, I’ve been involved in so many of those,” he said.  “I’ve been involved where it gets very heated, extremely heated.  In his (Owens) case, it just always gets blown up and blown out of proportion, so no it doesn’t become a distraction.”

As has been the case all season, Jauron continue to offer up the excessive amount of false starts committed by the offensive line mainly to youth and inexperience.  The Bills lead the NFL with 22 pre-snap jumps.

“I can certainly relate it to youth,” he said.  “Ours just seem to come in bunches.  We do good.  We do pretty good and then in specific games its just too many and I think it’s a function of their inexperience to some degree.”

A few other topics Jauron touched on include:

On Donte Whitner dressing but not playing yesterday
“Donte knew he was going to dress and I told him I didn’t know if he was going to see action or not. He was kind of an emergency.  He had worked last week but really it was his first week back of work and thought he was close to being ready, and we would’ve used him if we had to in that (Tennessee) game.

On Any Levitre possibly moving to left tackle
“It’s a consideration.  We talked a little bit about those issues this morning and then we’ll talk more throughout the day.  But Andy did a decent job out there at left tackle against good pass rushers, so it is definitely a consideration.”

4 Comments on Jauron Hints At Changes In Presser

  1. Kevin Shenoy

    forget the tirade TO had on the sidelines. was he disappointed in having a player just not care while he was on the field? if it was another player that pulled that kind of noncommitted air, would they get off as easy? Thanks Coach double standard.

    If this season was a madden game, i would have hit reset during the cleveland game.

  2. tim

    I’m a huge Bills fan and this team is one of the worst i have ever seen. We need a new coach and i’m not sure about Edwards still he’s been in the league now 3yrs and 3 different offensive coaches..this team needs alot of help though…

  3. Bambo Steamer

    Its time to clean house.
    That also means you Ralph.
    Trent Edwards has never been the same after last years concusion. Time to go bye bye

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