Incognito deals with harsh words from Mitchell

Posted on December 17, 2009 by Patrick Moran

So as we all know by now, guard Richie Incognito is a Buffalo Bill.  And most of you already are aware that injured Bills linebacker Kawika Mitchell was not a fan of the of the signing, or Incognito as a person.

In fact you’d be hard pressed to find an instance in recent years where a player so openly chastised the acquisition of a new teammate for the world to see.  Had this been the New England Patriots, it would not only lead off on Sports Center, they’d probably be in the process of filming a documentary about it.

Speaking of ESPN, our favorite AFC East blogger Tim Graham files a report that Incognito accepts Mitchell’s criticism.

This is what Incognito told Graham.

“I did see them,” Incognito said to Graham. “I haven’t spoken with Kawika yet. Like you said, I have a reputation around the league for being a less-than-model citizen and some guys on teams really dislike playing against me.

“I can see where Kawika’s coming from. I’ve probably done some cheap stuff to him, playing in the past. But now, the onus is on we’re a team now. We’re members of the same team, and we’re working toward the same goal, and that’s getting this club as many wins as possible.

“So I think it will all transition. I knew something like that would pop up. It’s not a big deal.”

Incognito could only here to play out the final year of his contract.  As Graham correctly points out, If there is a new collective bargaining agreement, he would be an unrestricted free agent. If not, then he will be restricted. Mitchell is already out for the season on injured reserve.  There’s a good chance the two won’t speak to each other. We’ve heard rumors today the two have seen each other since Incognito’s arrival but did not speak.

Incognito comes to Buffalo with controversy, being voted the dirtiest player in the NFL by  He also comes with talent.  Miami also put in a claim for him once he was released by St. Louis, but the Bills were awarded him because they have a lesser record.  He’s originally a third round pick in 2005 out of Nebraska.

He could start this Sunday when the Bills take on New England.

He told Graham that perhaps a change in scenery may help.

“I’m going to continue playing my game, playing the way I play,” Incognito told Grahm. “I’m going to be a lot less selfish with the penalties and just the acting out. I think I was just so frustrated with putting in so much hard work and pounding the details and then just coming up loss after loss after loss after loss after loss.”

So what kind of person is Incognito?  See for yourself with this video posted on following Thursday’s practice.

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