Thank God.. Owens Finally Done Mincing Words

Posted on December 2, 2009 by Patrick Moran

After being as unobtrusive as a sick child through half his first, and likely only season in Buffalo, Terrell Owens has made some noise on the field the past few weeks. He has 14 catches for 291 yards and a pair of touchdowns in his last two games.

Uninterestingly enough, Owens, known as much for his mouth than his hands, has been utterly robotic with the media. “I’m just going with the plays that are called” is about the most intriguing sound byte he’s given us this season.

His season has turned around on the field, and after Tuesday so has his withdrawn press conferences off it. If Owens is only here for the next five games, he’s ready to make every moment count, whether it’s on the football field or in front of the podium.

You’re only here one year anyway. So if you’re going to go, go obnoxiously.

Without mentioning Trent Edwards by name once, Owens made it quite clear that in his assessment, his numbers could’ve been gaudy all season long, and perhaps the Bills overall fortunes as well, had Dick Jauron played Ryan Fitzpatrick sooner. Much sooner

Let’s just say that for the moment, Owens has a new best friend in Fitzpatrick. And we’ll go ahead and assume T.O. and Edwards won’t be rooming tomorrow night in a Toronto hotel room together.

Owens talked about the difference in the team with Fitzpatrick at quarterback today, and took a few pot shots at Edwards along the way.

“If you think opportunities that we’ve had during the course of the season, I’ve been open and I’ve been overthrown and I’ve been underthrown and those were some of those opportunities that were missed,” Owens said. “ I just play with my experience and I try to be on the same page with the quarterback and I try to take advantage of the opportunities that are thrown my way.

“With Fitz back there, there are opportunities and I feel like I’m a part of the offense where as I know earlier those feelings and opportunities I didn’t feel like they were there.”

And with that, there’s the T.O. we all know and love… or hate. Doesn’t matter; it sounds like he’s ready to start speaking his mind.

“There’s opportunities where I could’ve been doing that all throughout the year,” Owens said in regards to being thrown to more. “If you ever followed my career and you go back to the way I was utilized in offenses, I was thrown to a number of times. I don’t know what that number is but it’s far more than what I’ve been accustomed to here in the first half of the season.”

“When my opportunities are limited, it limits me as far as my playmaking abilities. So again, if you look at Lee’s (Evans) receptions and mine they were pretty similar at the bye week mark. Again, its all about the experience here at the quarterback position and he’s (Fitzpatrick) definitely allowed us to make some plays down the field. That’s all I wanted and now we’re getting back to some of the things I like to do, going across the middle and you know, there’s been times where I been open.”

“ But those have been miscues early in the year and now we’re connecting on them.”

Owens openly, and I mean openly credits his and the team’s turnaround to interim head coach Perry Fewell putting in and sticking with Fitzpatrick at quarterback. For a guy who’s been known to throw a quarterback under the bus, and it sounds like Edwards is about to get the same, Owens is downright giddy about Fitzpatrick. He even went as far to say there isn’t much difference between what Fitzpatrick and the elite quarterbacks of the league are doing.

“He’s not doing anything no different than what Peyton Manning does and (Tom) Brady and Drew (Brees),” Owens said. “He’s assessing the defense. If he sees something, he’s making the check and making that play and it’s up to us, his receivers to be on the same page. There’s no difference. “

“With us having the record that we’re having, just say if he was here throughout the year and he was doing that, then it would be ‘Fitz is doing a great job at the quarterback position, he’s putting us in the best position for the team to succeed’. Whether that’s gonads or not, that’s part of being a quarterback and being a heads up quarterback at that.”

At the bye, Owens had just 23 receptions for 281 yards and a touchdown. Three weeks later, he’s up to 40 catches, 659 yards and three touchdowns.

If he keeps this up, Mayor Byron Brown’s conditions on giving T.O. the key to the city won’t seem so far fetched. Can you imagine if the offense didn’t wait more than half a season to make him the vocal point regardless of coverage rolled on him?

You can love Owens, and many of you do. You can loathe him, and I’m sure a fair share of you reading this do. But when push comes to shove, is everything he was quoted as saying not true? Edwards was timid, and throwing deep, or short for that matter to T.O. was the exception instead of the norm. Yes, Owens drops passes, too many in fact. But it’s not like you just unearthed some big mystery. Owens has always dropped too many passes. Somehow, he’s still managed to have a Hall of Fame career along the way.

He’s going to get a stern test Thursday night as the Bills are in Toronto as the “home” team to face the New York Jets. Darrelle Revis has become one of the lockdown, elite corners in football. He had a lot of success against Owens the first time they met, and he’s been shutting down number one receivers all year.

Owens has a lot of respect for Revis, but doesn’t think the Jets will be facing the same humdrum offense they saw the first time the teams collided.

“He’s pretty solid, very competitive,” Owens said. “He’s one of those guys that can play on an island by himself and well deserving because of his skills. Definitely it gives me the luxury and the opportunity to go up against a guy like that and we’ll see how it goes.”

“They’re not going to be faced with the same team they saw the first time. I hope they don’t think they’re going to see the same me they saw the first time. I’m really looking forward to it and really preparing myself for a four quarter fight.”

As most ego driven wide receivers would be, Owens is a little more excited about playing on a prime stage than most. There’s nothing more exciting to a guy looking for one final big payday next March than having a big game on the national viewing stage.

“Well definitely,” Owens said when asked if he was a little extra jacked for a prime time game. “It gives us an opportunity to showcase what team we are opposed to the first half of the season and obviously the last two or three ballgames we’ve kind of come and shown what team we can be.”

Ever the marketing if not a football operations genius, Russ Brandon has done a fantastic job using Owens as a selling point to the more reserved Canadian football fans. Buffalo has labeled this game as “T.O. in T.O.” nearly since the day they inked Owens. Of course, the latter T.O. stems from Toronto, Ontario.

“Well, for me as they said its going to be all eyes on me,” Owens said. “No matter what I’m looking for the opportunity to showcase my skills and obviously the Bills as an organization and as a team.”

Regardless if the game is in Buffalo, Toronto or China, this isn’t the same Terrell Owens we’ve seen until recently. With Fitzpatrick willing to throw the ball his way in traffic or not, Owens has a splendid opportunity to salvage a season that had many critics earlier saying he was washed up.

Owens knows he’s a lot of things, and washed up was never one of them.

“I’ve heard so many commentators say I’ve slowed down and I’ve hit a wall, a number of things,” Owens said. “It never really discouraged me. I think it’s an unfair assessment as far as my ability because if I’m not getting the ball then of course you’re not going to see any of that. Now that there are opportunities to get my hands on the ball for whatever reason I guess you say I’m speeding up.”

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4 Comments on Thank God.. Owens Finally Done Mincing Words

  1. george

    owens should have opened his mouth 8 weeks ago, people can complain all they want about him being a ‘distraction’ but he gets results when presented the opportunity.

  2. Steve

    I’ve liked T.O. a ton since he came to Buffalo because he’s been a spark plug that many on our team were unwilling to be. I hope he continues the play he’s had recently, but I hope he keeps the comments to a minimum (tough for him, I know). I like him for a soundbyte, as long as he’s not simply bashing Edwards.

    Also, wanted to point out to you, Patrick, that you wrote “savage” toward the end of the article when you meant to write “salvage.” I’m a journalist too, so I know how it can be!

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  4. Tim Riordan

    This is very tame (by TO standards). I have to say I am pleasantly surprised the Bills could be having the season they are having and he could keep his cool.

    In point of fact he is right, he could have given some meaningless ‘disclaimer’ about respecting Edwards and DJ but it would have been a slap in the face to both.

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