Bills Catch Potential Cowher Break, Part 2

Posted on January 2, 2010 by Patrick Moran

It’s still just another step of many things that need to happen, but another alleged Bill Cowher 2010 destination may be closed off.

Last week it was reported that Carolina has offered John Fox and his entire staff the opportunity to return for the 2010 season.  Now it looks like Tampa Bay may be out of the Cowher mix as well.  Pro Football Talk, citing a source says that Bucs head coach Raheem Morris has been told both he and his staff will be back in 2010.

Carolina and Tampa were both teams where widespread speculation mounted towards Cowher resuming his coaching career.

Of course the Bills will still have competition.  Houston, Dallas and Chicago could be looking for a head coach sometime soon and there’s always a possibility a team could clean house entirely in hopes of landing Cowher and starting over.

But for now, any door that closes elsewhere opens the one at One Bills Drive a tiny bit more.

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1 Comment on Bills Catch Potential Cowher Break, Part 2

  1. BoyILuvLoznStupidly

    Well when the Bills make an offer to Cowher, he will have to chit or get off the pot. According to what Nix said he’s not going to wait around on a coach to see what else opens up.

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