BSD Exclusive: Adam Schefter Interview

Posted on January 13, 2010 by Patrick Moran

A few nights ago I reported that Bill Cowher will not be coaching in Buffalo based on a public tweet by ESPN-NFL insider Adam Schefter, and a simple direct message from him that followed.

For that, I was ripped on message boards and comments everywhere and upon reflection, deservedly so.  Schefter is not a source but a reporter, and erroneously I originally masked his private comment to me as a source. Lesson learned.

People were/are understandably pessimistic about Schefter’s statement, mainly because he didn’t base it on a source.

Since then I’ve sought clarification.  After today I’ve found it.

I was able to interview Schefter Wednesday morning and hope this follow up sheds light on his original statement, and hopefully makes up for an admittedly poor report on my end Sunday night.

According to Schefter, Cowher is clearly not coming to Buffalo.

“I wouldn’t have reported what I did unless I felt entirely comfortable with it,” Schefter told me.  “Too many reliable people have told me that, as much respect as Bill Cowher has for Ralph Wilson, it’s not the right opportunity at the right time.”

Schefter told me t it wasn’t matter of finances either.

“Money would not have been the issue,” Schefter said.  “Buffalo was willing to step up, from everything I’ve been told, just as they were willing to step up for Mike Shanahan. When people accept life-changing jobs, it’s usually a gut feeling, and the sense I’ve gotten is that it didn’t feel like the right job at the right time for Cowher.”

“But whatever it is, he will not be the Bills coach next season — that I’m confident in.”

Schefter said that because of his tweet Sunday he’s seen plenty of hostility among Bills fans.

“A number of Bills fans have sent me negative tweets, asking what I have against the city,” Schefter said. “Absolutely nothing. I really like Buffalo and have enjoyed every one of my many visits there.”

“I’m just doing my job. And my job has allowed me to gather information that says Cowher is not going to be coaching the Bills.”

He also was told me the Bills have tried to land Cowher more than once since initially showing interest.

“I honestly think the Bills made multiple efforts to try to convince Cowher to come to Buffalo,” Schefter said. “It just didn’t work out. Kudos to them for trying — they did the right thing.”

Finally, I asked  if he thought there was a chance talks could pick up in the next few days, and if Cowher to Buffalo was truly “dead”?

He said, “As Drew Rosenhaus would say, Next question.”

Are you sure?

“Correct. Confirmed. Comfortable.”

So interpret his comments as you wish. If you want to wait for the Bills or Cowher to confirm it’s not happening you certainly reserve that right.  But at least according to Schefter, Cowher clearly will not be roaming the sidelines in Orchard Park this fall.

If nothing else, I must thank Schefter for taking time to give insight behind his Sunday comment.

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10 Comments on BSD Exclusive: Adam Schefter Interview

  1. rob

    This is such a joke of a franchise and I want them gone. They affect our lives as people, not just as fans and it’s always in a negative way. It’s not healthy being a fan of this team anymore and I am done. They can’t even get coordinators to interview and I can not wait to see how the sell Leslie Frazier as our coach. And the sick thing is, 90% of fans will buy into it. We need to stop supporting them now!

  2. John Salerno

    I think Cowher should MAN UP and at least come out Publicly and say that he is not interested in the Bills coaching job!!!!

  3. george

    not that im expecting cohwer in buffalo but lets not squash information simply because adam schefter says so. did you forget just last month when he had a ‘credible source’ which led him to conclude that ‘bob stoops to N.D. is a done deal’, while also claiming notre dame had ‘no interest’ in brian kelly. The guy is frequently wrong so forgive me for not closing the book on cohwer simply because he stated its not realistic.

  4. BIG franky

    i have to agree with george… nothing against schefter at all… honestly, i like the guy and follow his reports, BUT…. he is wrong frequently, and i would not be shocked if he were wrong again here too…. lets not forget it was he that reported a couple of weeks ago that Weiss was coming to Buffalo to interview…. never happened. and it was he that reported last summer that the Bills were involved with an “imminent” trade that would result in Cutler coming to the Bills… and obviously that didnt happen. and i’m not even saying i want cowher, i’m just saying all of this rumor is a bunch of bunk, so until an announcement is made, who cares.

  5. Gilbert

    I think that there are other underlying factors that may be keeping “The Chin” from returning to football all together. He might not think that the time is right, or maybe he is really happy being on TV.

    As for Shottenheimer. He is not going to interview because of the love he has for his current job. You have to respect that, he just feels that it is not the right time. I believe that the Bills will land the coach that will turn this team around.

    Lets face it, Russ Brandon was not a GM…but Buddy Nix has a football mind. So, lets look to the futre and soon we will see the Bills moving back up to the top of the NFL.

    Go Bills!

  6. k.c in hamburg

    when Adam Schefter reports that Bill Cowher has said he will not coach in Buffalo, then I will believe it. I have seen or heard nothing like this.

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  9. Tracy Heidemann

    Hey tried & true Bills fans, I think it’s time we stepped into the future with this coaching thing . All of the great coaches of the past are getting up there and already have a nice nest egg & are ready to set back with the wife & play golf 3 or 4 times a week. Nix may need to ask people like Jim Kelly and Doug Flutie of which both won big before hitting Buffalo who were some of the coaches that made them previous winners. Miami brought down Cameron Wake -A-?? Any body for a little more Canadian imports (Wake had to learn to play from some one) Any way i think the fresh coaching blood has done the NFL a world of good & it should continue. Can any one say Harbaugh ??????

  10. Ashley

    I am a huge fan of your news and sports index, USA Today rocks! Keep up the good work in 2010!

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