Second Allegation Against Lynch in 24 Hours

Posted on January 9, 2010 by Patrick Moran

Oft-troubled Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch is already in hot water after a Buffalo News story reported he allegedly took $20 from a Buffalo Police Sergeant’s wife at a TGI Fridays in Hamburg last December 7.

Doug Hendrickson, agent for Lynch, vigorously denied the allegation via an email to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. Hendrickson told Florio the allegation was “totally false and malicious.”

He may soon have more explaining to do.

Buffalo Sports Daily has learned the Hamburg incident isn’t the first time Lynch allegedly helped himself to someone else’s money.  According to a very angry Steve Lapsley, Lynch pulled something similar this past August.

Lapsley claims he approached Lynch after seeing him at the Galleria Mall and asked him to autograph his $20 bill. He intended to use it as a prize for his upcoming bachelor party.

According to Lapsley, Lynch not only refused to sign it, but walked away $20 richer.

It’s not uncommon for people to come out of the woodwork when scandal breaks (See Tiger Woods), but in Lapsley’s case it’s something he wrote about well before the TGI Friday report.

Until now, nobody listened.

Lapsley tweeted the incident all the way back on August 2.

“Saw marshawn lynch at the galeria mall and asked him to sign a $20 (all I had on me) for my bachelor party, he took $20 and pocketed it.”

Lapsley, 27, is a five-year veteran of the Army and served in Iraq in 2003-04. He said despite his anger and humiliation he soon put the matter to rest. But with Lynch allegedly helping himself to someone else’s money again, he’s ready to talk publicly.

On August 2 Lapsley and his brother went to the Galleria Mall in search of prizes for his bachelor party.

It was there they met Lynch.

“We were walking through and we saw Marshawn Lynch with about four other players,” Lapsley said. “We saw some people talking to him and I didn’t want to bug him. My brother mentioned how cool it would be to have his autograph to give away for the bachelor party.   We went to a sports store there, but I didn’t have enough money to buy a Bills helmet or something like that.”

They didn’t approach Lynch on the spot, but soon would at the mall’s food court.

“We went to the food court to get something to eat and he was standing in the food court with a few players from the Bills that were around him,” Lapsley said. “We went up to him and I was like hey, can I have your autograph”?

“I didn’t have anything on me other than a $20 dollar bill and my business card from work.  So I gave them to him and thought that’s a pretty cool prize and said do you think you can sign this?  He said no, but I’ll hold it.  I thought he was joking.”

He wasn’t.

“He asked me what I did (for a living),” Lapsley said.  “I told him I was a recruiter for an employment company-a local employment agency. I helped people get jobs.  The guys with Lynch we’re joking, saying they need jobs. I laughed and said I think you guys are pretty OK. “

Lapsley said that Lynch then asked him for another business card.  Lapsley gave it to him and Lynch took the $20 bill, wrapped it around the business card and put them in his pocket.  He then signed the back of the other card, gave it to Lapsley and walked away.

“The guys started walking away and I was like-hey are you serious?  The other guys were still laughing and I thought it was like a joke. But then they just walked away. Me and my brother looked at each other and were like, did this just happen”?

The identity of the other players with Lynch won’t be published as they’re not being accused of keeping Lapsley’s money.

Lapsley said he was too intimidated to push the issue any further.  He also continued to assume Lynch was playing a prank.  With Lynch having both the money and his card containing his work address, he expected it to be sent back, perhaps with something additional signed for his troubles.

That didn’t happen.

“I called my boss and asked if you have any mail from the home office from the Bills or anything like that. I still figured a few weeks later I’d get something back, but it never came.”

Later that night, Lapsley and his then-fiancé went to a club in downtown Buffalo with some friends.   It turns out Lynch was also at the bar.

The woman confronted Lynch about the mall incident and he denied it was him, even after she pointed out his obviously unmistakable appearance and the same teammates with him at the bar as the mall.

Upon returning home he tweeted “Saw him out dtown at Encore with all SAME people from mall. My fiance confronted him about the situation and he said it wasn’t him. Wow.”

Lapsley was so disturbed to learn he wasn’t the only one to be reportedly had by Lynch that he’s now taking his incident beyond his twitter page.

The military vet says he’s prepared to talk to the media and doesn’t want to see Lynch continue getting away immoral deeds.

“I wasn’t going to say anything. But with the other (Hamburg) case and this, enough is enough. He’s not above the law, and he’s not above social order either”

While Lynch pocketing Lapsley’s twenty dollar bill may not interpreted as a criminal act, it doesn’t bode well for the reputation of the third-year running back. Lynch has already been involved in the a hit-and-run incident in downtown Buffalo in June 2008.  The woman is now suing him.

This alleged incident also happened at a time Lynch was already suspended by the NFL  the first three games of the season for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.

After losing his starting job to a more productive Fred Jackson, the heap of off-field allegations mounting could eventually spell the end in Buffalo for the former 2007 first round draft pick.

Lynch still has two more years remaining on the five-year deal he signed as a rookie.


(Update: Since this story was reported this weekend, the woman in the alleged Hamburg incident has said she doesn’t want Lynch charged )

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