Schefter tells me directly Cowher won’t coach here

Posted on January 11, 2010 by Patrick Moran

Unless the billboard slated to go up on the Buffalo thruway Monday morning magically changes his mind, Bill Cowher will not be the next head coach of the Buffalo Bills.

At least according to Adam Schefter.

After admittedly harassing him, I finally got to communicate individually to ESPN’s Adam Schefter this evening.

He told me to formally scratch Cowher off the list of candidates for the Buffalo Bills head coaching position.

I asked Schefter if he’s willing to put his reputation on the line and be publicly embarrassed should he be wrong.

“Sure am.  He won’t be there next season.” Schefter told me personally.

He said he doesn’t know if Cowher will coach in the NFL in 2010 or not, saying it would depend on the situation, but reasserted Cowher won’t be on the Buffalo sideline.

Of course, Schefter publicly tweeted today that the Bills wouldn’t land Cowher.

Anyone who reads Buffalo Sports Daily knows this isn’t fun to report, as I personally provided the vehicle to put up the Cowher billboard.

It will remain up until either Cowher, one of his representatives or the Buffalo Bills organization confirm.

Fortunately, money is also going to charity. Over $500 has been raised for Hunter’s Hope, and that drive will stay open until Valentine’s Day.

I also spoke to a source Saturday, who told me all his Cowher sources tell him “no way” about his prospects of coming to the Bills.

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2 Comments on Schefter tells me directly Cowher won’t coach here

  1. // No Cowher

    [...] Patrick Moran of Buffalo Sports Daily spoke with ESPN’s Adam Schefter and was told, “He (Cowher) won’t be there (Buffalo) next season.” [...]

  2. dave

    er and how dose he know this? cower sources, no names ya ok then how come cohwer has not said this

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