The Scoop on Joe Logan

Posted on January 7, 2010 by Patrick Moran

Who the hell is Joe Logan?

For Buffalo Bills fans right now, it’s the million dollar question.  The no-name from East Aurora has created quite the commotion in recent days that began innocent enough Monday morning when writing on his small East website  that the Buffalo Bills would fire their entire coaching staff and the team would meet with Bill Cowher on Tuesday.

Well, it wouldn’t have been a big deal, had it not been for the fact he reported it more than four hours before they actually happened. Pro Football Talk talked picked up the story and by the end of the day Logan became a man people wanted to know about.

I just spoke to him at length via telephone.

According to Logan, his source, also a long-time friend told him of the upcoming firings on Sunday night and  Logan filed the report before he went to work on Monday.

“Yes, I reported it before I went to work on Monday morning at around 6:15am,” Logan told me.  “My friend (also his source) is well connected to happenings with the team.  We were talking on Sunday night and he told me about what was going on. I asked him if it would be OK to report and he said it was OK.  So I posted it and then went to work Monday.”

Logan didn’t think anything of it at the time.  By trade, he’s not a sports reporter.  In fact he’s quite the opposite.  His East Aurora website is directed far more at community politics and government than Fred Jackson statistics.

Logan said he was originally worried about putting out any Bills “breaking” news because someone would associate the site as a source of gossip and rumors.

I told him some people were skeptical that he didn’t simply change the time stamp on his report, and Logan said that’s not the case and there’d be no reason to.

“We’re not trying to be a scoop source in East Aurora.  We’re not making any money off it. I have google ads. We make like a dollar per month.”

But his little site that typically goes from about a hundred hits per day quickly reached the thousands following the posting by Pro Football Talk.  Before anyone knew it, Logan was all over the internet and the various Bills message boards.

Being spot on about the Bills coaching staff housecleaning gave sudden credibility to his statement about Cowher and the Bills meeting.

“To be honest I didn’t really feel comfortable putting it on the website because we’re not a rumor site.  You can check the entire site, everything we put on there is fact and truth.  There’s nothing I put up that is just ‘out there’, its all business, community and truth.”

Speculation about Cowher was fueled further on Wednesday night when Logan tweeted “Cowher OK with what the Bills will offer Salary wise, but looking for commitment from RB (Russ Brandon) for player budget.”

To make his tweet even stronger, he took a shot at ESPN insider Adam Schefter, saying “Adam_Schefter says Cowher walking dog to satisfy his contention that Cowher decided to go back to the studio next year. Nice try Scheff.”

Logan says that he’s a big Bills fan, but professes he doesn’t know all that much about the coverage of sports.  That was evidenced by his asking me exactly who Schefter is.

But that doesn’t mean he’s not connected.  He claims his source is very knowledgeable with the happening of the Bills and while Logan obviously wouldn’t divulge his source, he has confidence in his validity.

“East Aurora and Orchard Park have a lot of people associated with Buffalo Bills that live in that area.  One of my friends was just talking to one of them over the weekend and told me about the Cowher isn’t coaching next year story out there, and said the Bills met with him last week and will meet again with him this week.”

According to Logan he asked his source beforehand if he could put up the Cowher tweet and originally his phone call wasn’t returned.  But eventually his source returned the call and said he could.

“I went back to my source and originally he didn’t return my phone call.  But I ended up talking to him last night before I put the tweet out there.  He told me the latest news and said I could put it out there.”

Logan said that per his source, Cowher coming to the Bills is not a definite no-go.  While his source says he doesn’t know if Cowher will become the next coach, he knows that Cowher definitely isn’t just using the Bills for a bargaining chip.

“From everything I am told a contract isn’t the issue.  It’s about other things, such as if the Bills will spend on talent and personnel and coaches and other things.  And I’ve heard nothing about the stability of ownership either. From I’m told it’s still a very real possibility”

At this point, I need to point out that I don’t know Logan personally. I’ve never met the man and the conversation I had with him was our first. I can’t vouch for the reliability of him or his source, though I can now confirm that his Monday report on the Bills staff firings was legit and published well before it actually happened.

What I can tell you is that Logan isn’t an amateurish prankster. He’s quite the business man and comes highly regarded in his Village of East Aurora.  The Rochester Institute of Technology graduate is a staple in the business and political community. He’s a System Development Specialist at Mattel and the President of the School Association at Immaculate, a title he’s held for three and half years. He’s also on the Board of Directors at the Toy Town Museum.

So intentionally fabricating Buffalo Bills material on his small village website doesn’t appear to be his cup of tea.

“I report on East Aurora stuff,” Logan said.  “I really got involved with the site only because I’m a developer.  I started the site to get involved in East Aurora politics, not sports.”

So will the Bills end up with Cowher?  Neither Logan nor his source knows for sure.  But he’s convinced there’s a real chance of it happening if some obstacles can be cleared, and Logan is confident his source hasn’t steered him wrong.

“He’s connected,” Logan said.  “And I’ve known him for a long time. He’s told me in conversation a lot of things that turned out to be true and recently a lot of stuff that turned out to be true.”

Lastly, I asked him if he was prepared for the celebrity that would follow should his reports turn out to be confirmed as true, and he broke the scoop that Schefter and the other NFL insider bigwigs couldn’t.  Logan could only muster a chuckle. I’m not even sure he cares.

Has the legend of the Joe Logan begun?

(Think there’s hope? Help send a message to Ralph Wilson with the “We Want Cowher” Billboard)

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  3. Daryl P

    It is what it is, a report that I beleive to have some truth. Does it mean it will happen, of course not, but the Bills are in play for Cowher, and I never beleived a thing ESPN reports in regards to specualtion anymore. haven’t in awhile either.

    I like our small town reporters taking it to the big time chumps.. yeah were small market and we don’t need the crap ESPN and others insist on shoveling us

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