A report floating around says Whitner will be traded to Skins

Posted on February 15, 2010 by Patrick Moran

Donte WhitnerWith the overage of reports that float around the internet daily, it’s natural to not put much, if any stock in what you hear and read these days. That holds particularly true when the source isn’t one of the industry big boys.  Even as an editor for a website falling into that non big-boy category, I’m cynical of information from a Washington Redskins themed website titled “Hogs Haven” where the author insinuates hearing Buffalo Bills safety Donte Whitner will become a Redskin come March 5, when NFL teams can make trades.

I confess knowing entirely nothing about Hogs Haven or the story’s author (KevinE), and I’m not overly familiar with SB Nation, which runs the site and another for every team in the NFL.  I can tell you with assurance the Bills site on SB Nation, Buffalo Rumblings is without question one of the best and anchored by a great writer (Brian Galliford).  While I haven’t read enough Skins’ news on Haven to know the validity of what they write, if its anything like its Buffalo counterpart I’d take it a little more serious than other rumor mills.

Anyway, according to the Havens report a “person of note” told Kevin that Whitner will be a Redskin come the start of free agency. He also said he’s working on a second source.

The Whitner-to-Washington rumor train gathered enough steam recently that the four year safety addressed it himself, denying on twitter that a trade was imminent.  In fact, Whitner also told me personally regarding the rumor a one-word response; “false”.

It should be noted Whitner has recently moved into the D.C. area—that much he does confirm.  Perhaps that’s what started the fuel of the rumor? Or maybe it’s actually connected.   Obviously if there were truth to a future Whitner trade he’d be smart enough to not publicly discuss it anyway. At this point, who honestly knows?

Whitner’s value to the Bills is very much up for debate.  While it’s known he brings quality leadership to the locker room and is one of the more physical defenders on the team, one could argue the team is deep at safety with Jairus Byrd, George Wilson and Bryan Scott and say Whitner is expendable. Some even think that the former eighth overall draft pick is only the fourth best safety on the current roster.

From my perspective it wouldn’t be wise to trade Whitner unless the Bills received an irresistible offer. People like to pile on Whitner due to his draft status, but let’s not forget he was off to a breakout season in 2009 before injuries curtailed his efforts.  Plus, I’m not completely sold on Wilson or Scott, assuming the Bills bring both free agents back, as 16-game starters.

For his part, Galliford knows nothing of any Whitner trade rumors at this time and told me he’s not sure what to make of it.  You can bet he’ll do some digging to find out if the rumor has any teeth in the coming days.

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2 Comments on A report floating around says Whitner will be traded to Skins

  1. wwwmattcom

    Keep him around. Unless you can get a round #2 pick minimum.

  2. Matt

    Dump him for a bag of footballs! He was not having a breakout season in 2009! He has been overrated since he arrived. He is too small to play strong safety and does not make plays at free safety…..

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