A trade that would make sense: Williams to New Orleans

Posted on February 25, 2010 by Patrick Moran

Of all the major sports, the NFL is where you see the fewest amounts of trades.  That’s largely due to a complicated salary cap and bonus structure and what happens to team’s caps when players change teams.  For that reason among others, it’s not often you see players dealt and even less frequent where you see a player get traded straight up for another player.

Pretty much every football fan doubles as an armchair quarterback and a brief glance at any fan board has trade proposals you only see happen in a Madden video game.  Simply put, fan proposed trades often make sense for the team that fan supports.

But yesterday a fan brought up a trade proposal that made alarmingly perfect sense.  In fact it’s the most logical scenario I’ve heard to date.  He said the Bills should trade Kyle Williams to the New Orleans Saints for Jammal Brown.

I’m not sure Buffalo could get Brown for Williams, though it’s feasible.  But even if it’s not Brown, the Saints have a pair of talented offensive tackles in Jermon Bushod and Zach Strief that are restricted free agents.  Strief has already been tendered and Bushod will soon follow.  The Saints aren’t letting any of the three walk away for nothing as all are starting caliber tackles.

It doesn’t take a genius to know the Bills need big time help and any of the three Saints tackles would be major upgrades over what resides on the current roster.

Here’s the kicker; it would actually make sense from the Saints side too.  According to several people I’ve spoken with defensive tackle is their biggest need going into the offseason.  Kyle Williams can fit that bill perfectly.  He had an outstanding 2009 that saw him have four sacks to go with 41 tackles and a forced fumble.  His season was good enough to earn a Pro Bowl alternate spot.  To make it even more appealing, Williams is a home town boy who played his college ball at LSU.

He also has a team friendly contract with three more years remaining on a five-year extension he signed in 2008 at a bargain rate for a quality defensive line starter.

It’s not like the Bills would be trying to trade damaged goods.  The only problem with Williams in Buffalo is he no longer fits the scheme.  Williams is a 4-3 defensive tackle, not a 3-4 nose guard or defensive end. Sure, if Buffalo can’t find a taker they could try him at defensive end, but it won’t be utilizing his strengths and he’s very likely to struggle.

Unlike a lot of other players the Bills would love to unload, Williams has outstanding value to the right team.  Rather than settling for a mid round pick Buffalo could try to move him to a team that needs him and get a starting offensive tackle for their troubles.

What do you think?

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7 Comments on A trade that would make sense: Williams to New Orleans

  1. Matt

    I believe instead of doing this, the Bills should sign Jermon Bushrod. Profootballtalk.com reported this morning that Bushrod only received a 2nd round tender and he has 3 years experience. Some team, and it should be the Bills, should offer the kid a 3-5 year contract and give up a 2nd round pick which is a low price to pay for a starting quality left tackle. Afterall, he started part of the season and all 3 playoff games after Brown was hurt…..There is little quality talent available at Tackle under the age of 30…….sign this kid and give up a 2nd round pick that will likely be squandered anyway the way the Bills draft…….

  2. nope

    you can take this article down. gailey stated that he will fine a place for williams on this team

  3. nope

    id sign him for the second round (bushrod) then trade back from ninth to end of the first and a second rounder and get a nose tackle and an olb or de

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  6. Matt

    That’s right, an NFL coach or executive said something contradictory to this article, so be sure and take the article down. Afterall, these guys are definitely Saints when it comes to telling the truth…..Just ask former Dolphin coach Nick Saban!

    “Nope” you are nieve! Do you also believe that Nobama sat in Rev. Wrights church for 20 years and didn’t agree with the hate he was spewing?

  7. Kenmore Kid

    williams would make a good end in a 3-4..damn that sounds bad

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