Bills 12th in payroll spending in NFL for 2009

Posted on February 21, 2010 by Patrick Moran

In an USA Today report, the Buffalo spent the 12th most money on payroll in the NFL in 2009, paying out $111,956,066 in salary.

According to the report the New York Giants spent the most money ($ 137,638,866) while the St. Louis Rams were the most frugal ($ 62,384,821).

The numbers show two things.  Generally teams must spend money to win in this league.  The bottom four in spending (St. Louis, Kansas City, Tampa Bay, Seattle) had dreadful seasons and all are picking within the first six slots of the draft.

But it also demonstrates that spending too much money doesn’t necessarily buy success. Four of the top five spenders (New York Giants, Miami, Houston, Chicago) didn’t make the post season.  Only New Orleans, fourth on the spending list at $ 121,552,424 made the playoffs, and of course won the Super Bowl.

What to take from the report?  The Bills aren’t cheap; they just spend idiotically.  Let’s hope Buddy Nix is smarter in throwing around Ralph Wilson’s dollars.

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3 Comments on Bills 12th in payroll spending in NFL for 2009

  1. Matt

    This payroll number can be very misleading. It appears that this is actually cash expenditures on salaries in 2009 by each team. The salary cap was around $132M and the minimum was about $110M. Thus, those teams that spent between $60-70M still had to have cap charges of at least $110M. This number needs to be looked at over multiple years because the spending can be skewed based on the timing of bonus payments, etc. which are spread for cap purposes. I doubt the Bills are in the top 15 when averaged over the past 5 years. In 2010 with no salary cap, there is also no salary minimum which cheap old Ralph surely loves! If Schobel retires, the Bills will only have 1 expensive player on their roster in Lee Evans. Denney’s bloated contract will be off the books too as he will be cut due to the 3-4 switch and the fact that he is totally overpaid, since he would be a backup on a decent team.

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