NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Anthony Davis

Posted on February 21, 2010 by Matt Elder

Anthony Davis RutgersAnthony Davis (OT)-Rutgers

6’6, 325lbs


Anthony Davis is a mountain of a man. At six-foot six and 325 pounds he looks like he could swallow smaller defensive ends whole. He’s even more impressive of a physical specimen when you see him stretch out his arms to reveal his enormous wing span, which he uses to help keep pass rushers at bay.

He’s exceptionally strong as most of physique is muscle, and he surprisingly good athleticism for such a big man. Davis demonstrates excellent footwork in his blocking. He maintains a solid base to keep him well balanced and he’s constantly able to maintain leverage.

One of the best attributes Davis has is his nastiness and aggression when it comes to playing offensive tackle. He takes great pride in not only beating his opponent but absolutely demolishing him.

The versatility Davis possesses also increases his value. He initially started his career inside at guard and was eventually moved to tackle due to his size and abilities. He still has the ability to move back inside and become a Leonard Davis-type player. Davis is also extremely explosive when coming off the snap. He can fire out from a three point stance and deliver a very good punch to his opponent.


Davis has two issues which drive me up the wall as far as evaluating pro potential. First off he takes plays off; it’s clear when reviewing the tape he clearly has taken plays off.

Secondly Davis has maturity issues and that’s always a concern for general managers. He was suspended twice this past season for a violation of team rules. One was for being late to practice, which I cannot begin to describe how big of a red flag this is for me.

Davis also has some issues on the field which bother me as well. One of the biggest  has to do with his lateral quickness, Davis is so big that in the Big East he was able to really just rely on his size and ends having to run around him to pass protect against speed rushers. He really needs to work on kick step in order to get back quicker and stay with speed rushers.

Lastly, anytime you have a man this big you’re going to worry about conditioning issues, I’ve seen him wear down in games and that just won’t cut it in the NFL.

How he fits the Bills:

Some see him as a left tackle but I project him on the right side. Right now the Bills have a number of potential right tackles next season but nobody who really stands out of the crowd. Davis could easily be that guy if he shows the ability that he did at Rutgers.

Could Davis man the left side? Yes he could but I have too many questions about his game on and off the field to really think the risk is worth it. One thing I think could be in Davis’ is future is a move inside to guard, which really helped out Leonard Davis’s career, a player I compared him to earlier.

Davis’ versatility does make him a very intriguing pick because even if he doesn’t work out at one position you can try him elsewhere.

Projection: 1st Round Pick. He’ll definitely be gone by the end of the first half of round one, and should be on the board at nine should the Bills decide they want him.

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