NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Bruce Campbell

Posted on February 22, 2010 by Matt Elder

Bruce CampbellBruce Campbell (OT)- Maryland

6’7, 310 lbs


Campbell has one of the most impressive combination of size and athleticism I’ve ever seen in all my years scouting draft prospects. With his ability to be as big as he is yet stay with some of the quickest guys in the country is simply incredible when compared to some of his offensive tackle counterparts.

In fact Campbell’s ability to mirror may be the best in this class and his recovery ability is also tops. He can get beat by being caught off balance but he has the size and athleticism to recover and still make the block. One of the ways Campbell is able to do this is with his footwork.  It’s technically sound and he uses it very well to keep his feet chopping and maintaining his blocks.

Campbell blocks with an incredible amount of leverage and physically he almost always holds the advantage on his opponent, which makes it extremely difficult to disengage from him and make a play on the ball.

Something else that marvels me about the big man is that he’s a beast at the second level. He not only is very good as identifying targets in the open field but he also does a fine job of attacking them and ensuring clear passages for his ball carrier.


Campbell is also one of the most inexperienced tackles in this class due mainly to a relatively small amount of starts and really has a limited overall game right now. One of the reasons Campbell is so inexperienced is due to his long list of injuries and he’ll  be the most highly scrutinized offensive tackle prospect because of this.

Another reason there’ll be question marks is that he’s only played in a zone blocking scheme at Maryland, which will hurt him come draft time because in the zone block scheme often players receive help in pass protection and you are rarely, if ever asked to block on an island by yourself.

Campbell is not a natural knee bender but instead is a bigger waist mover, which means he’s prone to lunging at opponents and getting caught off balance.

Lastly Campbell needs a good fundamental offensive line coach to polish his technique.  He has a tendency as all wet behind the ears tackles do to forget technique and rely on athleticism and brute strength, which can work in the ACC, but in the NFL will get you into a lot of trouble fast.

How does he fit the Bills?

I will say this on the record—for how raw Campbell is as a player, he’s also in my view the prospect with the most upside in this class. This guy really could be an elite, multi Pro Bowl left tackle.

However he really has a long, long way to go. Ideally I think Campbell is a good fit for the Bills. He could solidify the left side for the next decade and is someone would could potentially be had in a trade down or even potentially very early in the second round.

He would be an incredible athlete to add to Buffalo’s offensive line and if his technique can be worked on and he stays healthy, he would be a steal because this kid has number one overall pick potential.

Projection: Late first or early second round. He’ll be on the board early if Buffalo wants him for sure.

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1 Comment on NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Bruce Campbell

  1. Mike Wright

    Nice if we could grab this guy in the second round. I think he might be there in the second or third pick of the 2nd. Trade down with someone and solidify the pick.

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