NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Russell Okung

Posted on February 13, 2010 by Matt Elder

OkungRussell Okung (OT)- Oklahoma State

6’5, 302lbs


Okung is gifted with picture perfect size for the left spot, has a good base yet is not over weight in his lower or upper body. The even distribution of weight and strength when combined with his incredible athleticism makes him an excellent left tackle prospect. Okung is also an experienced and durable leader on the offensive line. He’s been a starter since his freshman year in Stillwater and had 34 consecutive starts to his credit. For a mammoth tackle that’s impressive, considering men of that size tend to get nicked up when doing battle in the trenches.

Okung is a monster when it comes to pass blocking. He sets up well and uses his athleticism to stay in front of speed rushers and balanced in the face of an inside move. He has good footwork and hand placement that allows him to get his hands onto the defender first to control him. He’s also an extremely patient blocker; he will make the defender commit to a move first and be able to counter it. His kick step and lateral agility are the best in this class.


Okung could stand to get a little stronger. He’s has had issues in the past fully anchoring himself against power rushers. He has been blown back due to lapses in focus where he comes out to high and allows the defender to get under and control him. Consistency is something at times Okung has struggled with, especially in the running game where he has flashed some of his biggest issues. Now and again he lunges at blockers instead of finishing blocks off.

The last concern I have is more of a personal flavor than a proven on field matter. He is not mean or nasty, and what I mean by that is he doesn’t drive his guy into the ground and pound him down again. He’s not quite a finesse player but when you’re playing in the trenches where it’s down and dirty, I’d like my lineman to have a little dirt to their game.

How he fits the Bills:

Top left tackle in the game and he’d be a massive upgrade for the Bills. However, there’s little to no chance that he slides to the ninth pick so like previously profiled prospects the Bills would have to make a trade up to get him. Given that left tackle is such a need it could be a possibility.

For me it’s Okung at the top and then a pretty big drop off to the second best prospect, Byran Bulaga. I know some no longer have Okung as their top tackle on the board, but I still do.

The good things about this crop is it appears to be a fairly deep tackle class, so if we can’t land Okung there are plenty of other options.

Projection: Probably doesn’t reach the Bills at number nine.  Pretty solid top six prospect.

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