NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Sam Bradford

Posted on February 4, 2010 by Matt Elder

Sam Bradford (QB)-Oklahoma

6’4, 223lbs


Bradford has ideal height for an NFL quarterback prospect and has the solid body type he can build on to by adding more weight through strength training. He displays very good mechanics in dropping back quickly while also showing off good footwork and is able to deliver the ball very quickly even in the face of pressure.

Some of the things Bradford does well though many don’t notice is his anticipation of routes and where the receiver will be .He is able to quickly check off receiving options until he finds an open target.

Having said all of this I know what many detractors will say; that he played in a spread option system, which of course he did. However, his spread system is very different to that of those Colt McCoy or Tim Tebow run, and I grade them much lower than Bradford. His offense involved multiple reads both pre and post snap along with more time coming back from under center than most realize.

Bradford’s excellent accuracy which coupled with above average arm strength make him a top notch prospect and the reason why he is my top quarterback prospect in the 2010 draft. He’s able to lead his receivers on route and place the ball where only his players can get it. He shows a great amount of trust in his receivers and is not the least bit hesitant to go to them in one on one situations.

Lastly I want to go back to Bradford’s decision making because it’s really that good. He has the ability to read the safety and look him off by  he frequently pumping his shoulder. It can’t be understated how rare it is to see a college level quarterback who does this with as great success as Bradford.


We all know the big thing about Bradford is durability concerns. His shoulder injuries cost him basically the entire 2009 season. So until he can work out and prove his shoulder is fully healed questions about his durability will surely linger.

Because of the monster offensive line he played behind at Oklahoma, he rarely had to feel the heat of a pass rush because his line was so good.  That’s something he won’t have the luxury of in the NFL, especially if he goes to a team with a poor record.

Also because the injury is to his throwing shoulder, his above average arm strength will need to be proven again. If you thought Jimmy Clausen would have to pass a lot of tests on his toe, you won’t even imagine how much Bradford will have him arm and shoulder examined over the course of the next few months.

My only other question really about Bradford stems from not knowing what about him is supposed to excite me. He does almost everything well, but nothing elite. He won’t make the greatest throws you’ve ever seen or become the emotional leader on the sideline. He does his job and quietly leads by example. For me that’s not ideal, but I know it can work. Bradford lacks that pop, or pizzazz that other top prospects in the past have had, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get the job done either.

How he fits the Bills:

The Bills have a huge need for a quarterback and not just for anybody, but for one that can come in and provide stability to a position that has been a black hole since Jim Kelly was here. Bradford would appear to be the perfect fit for that role. He is even keel and will not let his emotions control him.

He is the most NFL ready prospect in this draft though he does need a lot of coaching outside of adjusting to the speed and learning a new play book. His throwing motion is good, his footwork is excellent and he reads defenses very well.

If he is there at #9 I don’t know how the Bills will be able to pass on him.

Projection: Top 10 Pick.  If he gets past Seattle with the sixth pick there’s a very good chance he falls into Buffalo’s lap.


2007- 237 of 341 69.5%, 3121 Yards, 36 TD, 8 INT

2008- 328 of 483, 67.9%, 4720 Yards, 50 TD, 8 INT

2009- 39 of 69, 56.5%, 562 Yards, 2 TD, 0 INT

Career- 604 of 893, 67.6%, 8403 Yards, 88 TD, 16 INT

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