Playing Bills GM- Volume III

Posted on February 23, 2010 by Joe Pinzone

(Admitted hot head fan/blogger Joe Pinzone AKA “JoeFromNYC” has a blueprint to solve the Buffalo Bills woes.  Many won’t agree with his views–and we probably won’t either.  But they’re still interesting enough to publish.  This is the third in a series of moves he would like to see the Bills make to return to respectability)

Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? I already sense the disdain towards my first two moves as Buffalo Bills general manager. The people have spoken and they said I’m crazy to trade Lee Evans. I made my points perfectly clear that Evans is overpaid and the Bills need draft picks. I’m also having people say that Evans is a key marketing tool for the Bills.

Please. Bills fans will be going to games until they are dropping dead in their rocking chairs with their zoobas on. Sure, the team may have issues with selling out in December, but my plan isn’t for next year. It’s for the years beyond.
I’ve also had someone email me that trades never happen in the NFL. Well, someone needs to look at guys like Tony Gonzalez, Kellen Winslow, Jason Taylor, Clinton Portis and Roy Williams. With the salary cap being so high nowadays, teams aren’t exactly coming close to spending the cap limit. It means most franchises can make more moves without the worries of fitting a player under the cap.

Then, I get someone emailing me that Kevin Kolb will be the next Rob Johnson. Seriously? Do Bills fans need to have the mindset of being jilted lovers who’ve been left at the alter? You must move on, people. You must learn to go out and date others. Am I suppose to NOT draft a left tackle in the first round because Mike Williams was a bust? Should I never shell out major bucks for a free agent lineman because Derrik Dockery stunk?

Oh, and my personal favorite; Lets never draft a quarterback from California ever again. Sorry, but as your GM, I’m ignoring everything that the Bills have done wrong in the past.

Now, it’s time to look at my roster and figure out what free agents should be resigned or let go. To be honest, before I decided to embark on this quest to turn the Bills around, I had the mentality of getting rid of everyone. After going through the Bills free agents though, I was kind of shocked to see that I wasn’t jettisoning as many players as I thought. I’m also going to do my best in giving players their proper contract demands. Be aware, that the majority of the players are RFA, so I’ll be just offering them tenders of one year. Pretty much those RFA don’t have a choice because I own their rights. So they are going to have to sign their one year tenders.

My biggest dilemma is that with a new CBA deal not getting done, there’s almost 200 less unrestricted free agents on the open market. I can’t just cut everyone and have the Green Bay Packers practice squad take over.

Anyways, let the second guessing begin.

Terrell Owens-UFA
Yeah, you’re as good as gone. The Bills brought you in to sell tickets and morale. You, being the entrepreneur that you are, decided to take them up on the offer, so you could use the city of Buffalo to feed your ego and launch your reality show and modeling career. Bottom line: I still think you can play, but you’re not going to help a rebuilding team that’s 2-3 years away from competing. Good luck in Cincy or wherever you end up. I’ll be sure to eat my T.O.’s (NOT).

Josh Reed-UFA
Josh, I really had high hopes for you coming into last season. I thought you playing in the slot with T.O. and Evans on the outside were going to result in a nice 50 plus catch season. I couldn’t be any more wrong. Reed, along with everyone else on offense struggled. Reed will be turning 30 in May and I just think it’s time for the Bills to turn the page and find some new blood in the receiving core.

Ryan Denney-UFA
Ryan, besides your three sack game against the Dolphins in 2006, I haven’t really seen you in few years. I’m also not a big fan of how much money you’ve been pocketing from the Bills. However, I’m going to need as many legit defensive ends as possible. Since you fit the build for a 3-4 end, I’m going to have to resign you for depth. The terms of the contract: 4 million for 2 years.

Bryan Scott-UFA
Bryan, as much as I hate the word “conversion” when it comes to the Bills, I’m going to have to keep you because you’re a diverse talent. I’m going to need a back-up safety since Donte Whitner is going to be gone. You also have special teams written all over and could be called upon if a Bills linebacker goes down with an injury. The terms of the contract: 4 million for 2 years

George Wilson-RFA
George, you’ve stolen Buffalo’s heart for being an underdog that really didn’t have a chance to make the team (Yes, it sounds like Fred Jackson). It’s no easy task to go from a wideout to a pretty effective safety. You’re the Senator, the Bills leader. It’s now time to pay you like a leader. The terms of the contract: 5.5 million for 3 years

Richie Incognito-RFA
Richie, it looks like you’re going to have to play nice with Kawika Mitchell, because the two of you will be playing together next year. As we saw last year, you can’t have enough offensive lineman on the Bills. The Bills need attitude on the offensive line and Incognito should deliver that. The terms of the contract: RFA tender offer

Keith Ellison- RFA
Keith, you’re like Rasputin. Eveytime I think you’re dead, somehow, you always come back to start on this football team. You’re severely undersized and are destined to be a special teams player on the other 31 NFL teams. However, the Bills just jettisoned a couple of special team players and I’m going to need a holdover from the number one unit. I never thought I say this, but I’m going to give Ellison yet another chance. As for starting, no chance. Terms of the contract: RFA Tender offer

Seth McKinney-UFA
Seth, you started exactly one game for the Bills and blew out your ACL. That tells me enough.

Derek Schouman-RFA
Derek, I’ll be frank, for too many years the Bills have ignored the tight end position. I just don’t have faith in you, considering that two of your three years with the Bills have been mired in injury. My starting tight end will be addressed elsewhere.

Jonathan Scott-RFA
Mr. Scott, congratulations on somehow making a career out of starting a couple of games for the Bills. I don’t exactly think highly of you, but considering that Brad Butler has retired and your use to working with the Bills offensive line, I see a future for you in Buffalo…as a backup. Terms of the Contract: RFA Tender offer

Ashton Youboty-RFA
I’ve always kind of had a soft spot for Youboty. He went through a lot when his mother passed away, and was still able to bounce back and have a really nice start to the 2008 season. However, injuries have really hurt his development and with the Bills being so deep at corner, I think it would be better for the Bills to let Youboty look elsewhere.

Chris Draft-UFA
Chris, I’ve heard that you’re one of the classiest Bills player in quite sometime. You did a decent job in being shoved on the active roster to help out a depleted linebacking core. However, with the installment of the 3-4 defense, I just don’t see you fitting in as an outside or inside linebacker.

Now, for the rest of the bunch.

Tenders offered
Jon Corto
Christian Gaddis
Justice Hairston
Cary Harris
Jonathan Stupar

Free to leave
Kendall Simmons
Gibran Hamdan
Joe Klopfenstein

Up Next: Trading players and clearing cap space

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(Joe is a Buffalo State graduate living in New York City as a freelancer on TV shows for different networks.  He also has his own outstanding sports blog called JoeFromNYC.  You can read this post and many other interesting takes and insight by visiting his blog right here)

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6 Comments on Playing Bills GM- Volume III

  1. MattRichWarren

    But there isn’t likely to be a salary cap in 2010.

  2. Mike

    Ellison is a terrible, terrible fit for the 3-4 in every single way. He’s a decently smart player, but he’d get mauled to death. Let him go for his own safety.

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