Source: Pennington will be strongly considered

Posted on February 7, 2010 by Patrick Moran

I spoke to a source Saturday that told me although most teams would consider him a backup at this point of his career, the Buffalo Bills plan on taking a long look at soon-to-be free agent Chad Pennington as a short-term starter for the 2010 season.

“The Bills are interested in taking a look at him for sure,” the source said.  “If he passes all the physical tests the plan could be to bring him in since he knows the division so well, and serve as a mentor to a rookie draft pick.”

Pennington would like the opportunity to start but his options appear severely limited. He’d like to stay in Miami to back up Chad Henne and even said on the record of the New York Daily News he’d consider coming back to the New York Jets to backup Mark Sanchez.  But obviously if the Bills gave him a chance to start he’d have a huge interest in staying in the AFC East, which is where he’s spent his entire 10-year career.

Pennington, 33, missed most of last season with a torn capsule in his right throwing shoulder last season.  The year before he was voted as the NFL Comeback Player of the Year after turning around a 1-15 Dolphins team that won the division and made the playoffs.

He has missed significant time during his decade long career in the NFL, nearly ending his career with shoulder injuries in 2004 and 2005, as well as a wrist injury that forced him to miss a half dozen games in 2003.

While arm strength would certainly be a concern if Pennington came to Buffalo, the intangibles he would bring would offset his inability to cut a football threw the teeth of the wintery Orchard Park wind.

“He has a lot of experience in the division and is an intelligent quarterback,” the source said.  “He knows Miami, he knows New York and he knows New England.  And he knows how to beat them.  Perhaps his best days are behind him but he could still get the job done while Buffalo develops a quarterback later in the draft.  The move wouldn’t cost a lot as Pennington is looking for a chance to start more than money, and they wouldn’t have to automatically go quarterback with the ninth pick in the draft.”

“I am certain they (Buffalo) are at least considering him as an option right now”

For the record, the source is a very trusted one. It’s the same source that told me on January 26 the team would be switching to a 3-4 defense, which we reported nine days before the team announced George Edwards as defensive coordinator and the scheme switch would indeed happen.

NFL free agency begins on March 5.

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5 Comments on Source: Pennington will be strongly considered

  1. Jeremy Pike

    I’ve thought about the Bills bringing him in for a while. If he’s healthy, I see no reason why we shouldn’t make a move. The Bills certainly could do a lot worse in terms of a stop-gap starter. I wonder if that means they are considering using their first round pick on a QB. Any word on what direction they want to go in the draft?

  2. Daryl P

    His injuries and lack of arm stregth are a recipe for more sub par QB play.

    I hope he’s option C…. but I would be much happier with Chad then bringing in a scum bag like Vick

  3. Jay

    Michael Vick is an answer. Chad Pennington is the same OLD situation, SAME OLD BALL and chain. Bring in a quarterback with issues and problems. Why do we always take an approach like this? He has not made it through an entire NFL season.

  4. Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills Links, 2/7 | Buffalo Bills Blog

    [...] Source: Pennington will be strongly considered : Buffalo Sports Daily“The Bills are interested in taking a look at him for sure,” the source said. “If he passes all the physical tests the plan could be to bring him in since he knows the division so well, and serve as a mentor to a rookie draft pick.” [...]

  5. Matt

    Vick is not the answer unless the question is “Do the Bills need another Thug on the roster to hang with Lynch”! He can’t play QB becuase he can’t throw the ball with any accuracy! He used to make great plays with his legs, but prison, age and the fact that he is basically 3 years removed from playing have sapped his speed and quickness……….He made very few plays for the Iggles….

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