Blog leaks next year’s Sabres jersey

Posted on March 25, 2010 by BSD Staff Reports

Sabres Jersey

Thanks to the popular jersey website Icethetics, the rumored new Sabres alternate jersey has been leaked.

Allegedly the Sabres will use their current third jersey as their regular home uniform next year.  According to the site, Reebok lists the Sabres’ road sweater as “TBD”, but it will most likely be a white version of the current alternates.

Nothing will be made official until the summer.

What’s your opinion of the jersey?

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5 Comments on Blog leaks next year’s Sabres jersey

  1. Philagape

    It’s important to note that the jersey on the Icethetics site is the blogger’s “rough rendering,” based on what he heard. The jersey itself has not leaked, just a description of it.

  2. Dave

    Vomit… this cant be serious.

  3. Mark

    What the hell, just give us our classic crossed swords jersey. Why ya gotta keep changing it when the fans have spoken

  4. Sean

    I said this on facebook: Most definitely looks like a summer softball league jersey… Are they going to have a case of beer behind the goal?

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