Playing Bills GM- Volume VI (Draft)

Posted on March 4, 2010 by Joe Pinzone

(Admitted hot head fan/blogger Joe Pinzone AKA “JoeFromNYC” has a blueprint to solve the Buffalo Bills woes.  Many won’t agree with his views–and we probably won’t either.  But they’re still interesting enough to publish.  This is the sixth in a series of moves he would like to see the Bills make to return to respectability)

Well, we are coming down the stretch for reshaping the Bills roster. Free agency is over and done with. The undersized defensive players are in different uniforms. Trent Edwards is flipping burgers or playing in the CFL. The waste has been wasted. In the process, I’ve been able to bring in some new blood to the team via free agency. I have to say, it has really been fun being the Bills GM for the last two weeks.

But now we are at the crown jewel of my rebuilding project…The NFL Draft. Everyone knows the back stories of how important the NFL Draft has become. It’s without question more important today than what it was 25 years ago. We all know the history of Tom Brady and Mike Williams. We know the history of Whitner over Ngata. We know the history of Bruce Smith over Doug Flute. Yada, yada, yada. We all know that in order to make NFL history it has to start at the draft.

However, I have a little confession to make; I hate the NFL Draft. I just can’t stand how everyone grades a team’s picks even before they sign their contracts. I also think it’s the most over hyped TV event in sports history. For the most part, the majority of your draft picks aren’t going to put you over the following year.

I could never understand the need for the combine or measuring your verticals. Hell, I think the combine was invented so the NFL Network could have programming in February. Then to top it off, you have all these draft prognosticators, who for the most part have never had a scouting job in NFL. And if you want to see some of their draft boards, you are going to have to pay to read it (ESPN Insider).

OK, that concludes my rant of the day.

Now, even though the draft can be a little bit of overkill for the build-up, I’m in total agreement that it sets the foundation for your team. I’m not here to tell you whether I think Jimmy Clausen or Bryan Buluga are going to be busts or not. No one really knows, which makes the draft nothing more than a crap shoot. However, the way I’m going to draft players is by finding the best player available. Not exactly Brain surgery, right?

Here’s a quick recap about the picks I have:

1) 9th Pick (Bills first round pick)
2) 25th Pick (Ravens first round pick from the Lee Evans Trade)
3) 41st Pick (Bills 2nd round pick)
4) 51st Pick (Texans 2nd round pick from the Aaron Schobel Trade)
5) 72nd Pick (Bills 3rd round pick)

6) 91st Pick (Chargers 3rd round pick from the Marshawn Lynch Trade)
7) 94th Pick (Colts 3rd round pick from the Kyle Williams Trade)
100th Pick (Redskins 4th round pick from the Whitner and Parrish Trade)
9) 135th Pick (Bills 5th round pick)
10) 167th Pick (Bills 6th round pick
11) 181st Pick (Eagles 6th round pick from the Jason Peters Trade)
12) 192nd Pick (Lions 7th round pick from the Ko Simpson Trade)
13) 194th Pick (Redskins 7th round pick from the Whitner and Parrish Trade)
14) 199th Pick (Bills 7th round pick)

DAM! 14 picks!? I have my work cutout. Maybe I should outsource these picks to the draft experts that I just bad mouthed. Now, there are a few asterisks that I have to touch on. My 41st, 100th and 199th pick are all under the “Kevin Kolb Rule.” If you’ve been following my series, you’ll know that I’ve devised two quarterback plans. The Chad Pennington plan and the Kevin Kolb plan; which involved Whitner and the Bills 2nd round pick.

However, even with Kolb or Pennington on my team, I don’t think it’s going to radically change my draft board. The best part about drafting for the Bills is they have so many holes to fill. The Bills need a couple of tackles, a number two WR, a nose tackle, a linebacker, and a new coach (Just kidding on the last part…sort of).

In the past, I would normally grade drafts on how the team fills their needs with the mindset that all the players picked would eventually contribute to the team. So, I would hope when you grade my draft, you can use that rhetoric when judging it.

Now, I don’t know what’s going to happen with prospects between now and April. Tim Tebow’s new throwing release could make him into a 1st ballot HOF. Dez Bryant could run 4.99 in the 40 and blame it on the turf (like Malcom Kelly did 2 years ago). Terrence Cody could pull a Pizza the Hut and eat himself alive.

I’m sure by the time the draft comes around the corner, the big board will be totally different. So for now, I’m going to pretend the draft is happening today.

So without further adieu. Welcome to the 2010 NFL Draft…Bills edition.

With the 9th pick in the first round, the Buffalo Bills select Anthony Davis, Left tackle from Rutgers.
Look, I could have easily given the card to the commissioner that read “The Bills select the best tackle available.” It’s a forgone conclusion that the Bills are desperate for a tackle.

Davis is a beast at 6′5 and 325lbs. He’s a tremendous pass blocking left tackle with outstanding size and growth potential. He Possesses great footwork and the ability to slide laterally off the edge. He also covers a lot of area on the field and effective blocking in motion. (CBS Sports)

Remember all those games we saw last year, where a running back would get hit by two defenders a second after the hand-off? I’m done with seeing that sort of non-sense. Davis has massive wingspan, and his lower body is built for leverage. That sounds like the type of guy who can pave the way for my 1,400 yard rusher.

Now, Davis does have some issues. In 2008, Davis violated team policy and was suspended for one game. This past season, Davis was benched for the first quarter against Army after reporting late to a team function earlier that week. His weight has also been scrutinized after he was demoted for the first six days of training camp this past summer for reporting overweight.

Now, before you all go out and scream, “You idiot! Don’t you remember Mike Williams?” Realize that I’m not drafting with the memories of the Bills crappy draft picks. I don’t care if there’s a good player out there whose from the University of Texas and his initials are T.O.-If he can play, he’s coming here. Davis by all accounts can play and there have been players who have been able to grow up after college.

Now if Davis is drafted by the time the Bills pick, I’d select Bryan Buluga or Trent Williams.

With the 25th pick in the NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills select Jared Odrik, Defensive end from Penn State.
Odrik is an explosive interior blocker that’s constantly making plays behind the line of scrimmage. More importantly, he can play defensive end in a 3-4. He has the quickness that demands immediate attention from blockers, and he can follow up with a persistent bull rush. He is not agile but used his big, strong hands to control blockers but might need to learn more tricks to remain consistently successful. (CBS Sports)

Look, if nose tackle Dan Williams is available at this spot, I’m running up to the commissioner with his name. But more than likely, Williams is going to be gone by the 25th pick. Now, I definitely would love to add a legit 3-4 nose tackle here. However, Terrence Cody, who many feel is someone the Bills should make a run at in the second round; is a bit of a reach at the 25th pick.

As for Odrik, I think it would be an ideal situation for the Bills to have him play spot duty behind Marcus Stroud and Marcus Spears. Stroud is in the twilight of his career, and probably won’t be living up to his high salary after next year. Odrik would be a legit player to come in and be the heir apparent to Stroud. Since Schobel and Kelsay are gone, the Bills need players that are going to be able to rush the passer. My hope is that Odrik can be that pass rusher the Bills can count on for the next ten years.

Up Next: The rest of the NFL draft

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(Joe is a Buffalo State graduate living in New York City as a freelancer on TV shows for different networks.  He also has his own outstanding sports blog called JoeFromNYC.  You can read this post and many other interesting takes and insight by visiting his blog right here)

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