An Open Letter to Paul Gaustad

Posted on April 19, 2010 by Will Eldredge

paul_gaustadDear Paul Gaustad,

Come home Goose, we miss you.  At least, we miss the guy Darcy Regier thought was worth four years at $2.5 million dollars.  Remember when you won every meaningful faceoff on one of the most effective energy lines in hockey?  That time you fed Tim Jackman for falling on Ryan Miller?  Fighting Dion Phaneuf after he tried to goon it up with Clarke MacArthur?  When you ran over Dennis Wideman and tried to fight Zdeno Chara?  Playing like an absolute beast after the team was called out for being too soft last season?  When fans thought you were in line for the captaincy?

We remember that side of you Paul, and we need that right now.  You’ve watched that hypocrite Johnny Boychuk take out your best forward with a chop to the knees after whining incessantly to the media over a clean hit.  You’ve been present for o Chara roughing up two of your smallest forwards while hiding behind a full cage and Milan Lucic trying to assault Toni Lydman, who had no interest in fighting.  You’ve watched the Bruins bump, jostle and interfere with Miller at every opportunity, after telling you as much in interviews.

What have you done about any of this?  Nothing.  Do you know how many hits you’ve been credited with this series?  Three.  That number is so low, it’s easier to name how many of your teammates have fewer hits than you.  Even Jason Pominville, one of the least imposing guys in the league had more hits in one game than you have in two.  You were a minus two with zero points and a less than fifty percent success rate at the dot in game two.

That type of performance is inexcusable in the regular season and bench-worthy in the playoffs.

You need to get mad.  You need to protect your teammates like you do the environment.  You need to go back to using size to your advantage, pushing guys out of the crease and I implore you to start running Bruins through the boards the way your partner is (Mike Grier is tied for the playoff lead in hits).  Paying Tuukka Rask a visit or two wouldn’t hurt either.

Start honking, Goose—- Like someone just cut you off on the highway. We need it now.

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2 Comments on An Open Letter to Paul Gaustad

  1. Jeffrey Woelfel

    Hell yeah!!

  2. tony

    You hit the nail on the head. I thought I was the only one in seeing that Paul Gaustad game of grit and dtermination has gone south.

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