Review: The best… and worst of round one

Posted on April 23, 2010 by Patrick Moran

BSD Film ReelIt was an interesting night to say the least.  CJ Spiller is now a Buffalo Bill and when the team went on the clock with the ninth pick it took less than two minutes for the draft card to get brought to the podium.  Clearly, Spiller was in their sights for a long time and Buddy Nix gave ESPN and NFL gurus little time to discuss the pick.

I’m not even sure Chris Berman got to share his traditional cabbie story. (Update- I’ve been told he didn’t get a chance because Mel Kiper wouldn’t shut up)

Anyway, here is one man’s thoughts on the first round of an exciting draft that promises a boatload of action again tonight.

Happiest Team (Tie): I can’t fathom the Green Bay Packers expected to have Bryan Bulaga fall into their laps with the 23rd pick. They now have a left tackle to groom for Chad Clifton.  Also, the Colts probably planned on taking an offensive tackle with the second-last pick of the first round, but were shocked to see Jerry Hughes, who many regard as the best pass rusher of the draft, still on the board.

Most puzzling pick: I’ll give you a dollar if you had Tyson Alualu in your mock to Jacksonville with the tenth pick. I didn’t even have him going in the first two rounds, which of course is why I’m not a NFL executive. This guy better be good, I can’t see Jacksonville fans happy about it.

Biggest surprise: CJ Spiller going to Buffalo, though it made me happy wasn’t heavily anticipated, but to me the biggest surprise was San Diego.  The Chargers uncharacteristically moved all the way up from 28 to 12 to grab running back Ryan Matthews.  Clearly they view him as a franchise back.

Biggest winner: I love what the San Francisco 49ers did.  With Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati the 49ers revamped an offensive line that’s struggled.

Biggest riser: Up until 24 hours before the draft, I didn’t see a report anywhere that said Russell Okung wasn’t the top rated tackle in the draft.  But by the time the Washington Redskins were on the clock with the fourth pick, Trent Williams zoomed by him.

Biggest faller: I never expected him to go all that high, but it’s hard to believe anyone anticipated Jimmy Clausen sitting all night on his couch without a team drafting him.

Biggest head scratcher: I refuse to label a team as a draft day “loser” when not one of these guys has played a single NFL down, but the Denver Broncos left many wondering what they were doing.  Trading for Tim Tebow still shocks me, even if it shouldn’t.  Brady Quinn thinks it was a terrible move.  With their other first rounder I could see them going receiver, but Demaryius Thomas over Dez Bryant? I get that Brandon Marshall was a huge headache and Bryant has alleged issues, but still.

Biggest pick I flat-out don’t like: I think the Giants dropped the ball with the 15th pick. I would’ve definitely taken the much more proven Derrick Morgan over Jason Paul-Pierre.  I could look back at this column in a few years and realize how wrong I am, but that’s how I feel about the decision.

Biggest pick I flat-out love: The Oakland Raiders don’t get credit often, and for good reason.  But in Rolando McClain they got themselves a heck of a football player.  Nearly everyone had them taking one of the combine wonders with the eight pick, which is par for the course for Al Davis, but this time they took a solid linebacker who’s likely to emerge as a big defensive star.

Best draft day trade: I think the Miami Dolphins made a great move by dealing with San Diego to slide down from 12 to 28.  They picked up a second rounder (40th overall) and and swapped fourths (126) as well as getting linebacker Tim Dobbins.  Miami still ended up with a solid defensive linemen in Jared Odrick, though I thought for sure they were taking Terrence Cody.

Biggest surprise draft pay pick (part two): Although he’s very talented, I was taken aback by the Jets selection of cornerback Kyle Wilson. I thought for sure they’d go somewhere in defensive front seven, but the Jets added another corner to go with Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie.

Best player still on the board: Clausen is the biggest name, but for me it’s a decision between Cody and Charles Brown.  Flip a coin.

Current NFL who hates this draft the most: Besides the aforementioned Quinn, Fred Jackson had to be sick to his stomach watching Spiller come to the podium. His days as the featured back in Buffalo are numbered, a shame for a man who’s worked hard to get there.  As for Marshawn Lynch, I’m sure he could care less.  He shouldn’t—he’s not going to be around much longer. I reported weeks ago the Bills are actively trying to trade him, despite what Nix tells you.  It’s quite obvious now, the only question remains on how much his value dropped after the Spiller pick.

We’ll find out soon enough.

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1 Comment on Review: The best… and worst of round one

  1. Ian

    Poor Fred Jackson. If we do trade up to the 33 pick, I hope we get Cody…

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