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Source: Merriman Recently Caught With Steroids

Posted on August 18, 2011 by Patrick Moran

According to a reliable source close to the situation, Buffalo Bills linebacker Shawne Merriman was caught carrying steroids near the United States border late Thursday night, July 28 on the eve of Bills’ training camp.

According to the source, while trying to cross Canada back into the United States, Merriman was detained  by United States Customs shortly after 2:00am.  There, the source tells me steroids were found in his possession. He was not arrested and booked because from what I’m told, simply being in the possession of the substance is not technically illegal.

I’m certainly no legal analyst or NFL league rules expert, and I don’t know what, if any ramifications simply being caught in possession of a steroid substance will carry. I can’t and won’t speculate if Merriman has actually taken steroids anytime recently, but my source says he was caught with them in his possession.

I have to reiterate that doesn’t mean Merriman has taken steroids recently or done anything illegal.

Stay tuned for more details as they become available.  Knowing the consequence of being wrong, I wouldn’t post if not fully confident in the accuracy of this report.

For the record, I’ve sat on this story for close to three weeks—and numerous mainstream media members I’ve confided in can attest to that.

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16 Comments on Source: Merriman Recently Caught With Steroids

  1. Scott

    Would explain a lot actually. Because he looks like he’s back to his pre-injury prone form, like nothing ever happened.

  2. Kev

    I heard the same thing three weeks ago from friends of mine that work at the border — but, slander is a hell of a long way to go for page views.

  3. James

    In reality all that matter is if he tests positive when the NFL conducts random drug testing. In his case I’m pretty sure the NFL tests prior positive testers every month, so until than this is completely irrelevant.

  4. Reddog9

    Not surprised by this at all……..Great work Pat!

  5. Jason

    I hope Shawne sues you. Steroids are illegal, importing steroids are illegal. You should have used more common sense when posting a story with these damaging implications! Now everyone will be saying Shawne is juicing! If he gets hurt, it will be because he is juicing, if he doesn’t get hurt, it will be because he is juicing! You opened up Pandora’s box!

  6. Reddog9

    Jason – You are kidding right? Very few people write a story like this without credible back up………You act like Merriman has never been suspended by the NFL before, etc. I am a huge Bills fan, but I hope Merriman falls flat with the Bills. The signing was as bad as the Kelsay signing in my opinion……

  7. Carl Burton

    Reddog, you call your self a Bills’ fan? That’s a joke if you say that you hope Merriman “falls flat”. How do you root of that? Go Bills but not you Merriman! It’s not like Merriman was ever arrested for anything that held up. Even his issues with that wannabe celeb Tila Tequila ended up being ruled upon in his favor. As a “huge Bills fan” you SHOULD pulling for each and every member of this team to play up to and beyond their potential. If that is truely your idea of being a fan, then go root for some other team. I’m sure the Dolphins could use an extra one.

  8. Reddog9

    Carl – Cry me a river! I am a huge Bills fan and the signing of washed up Merriman was yet another huge mistake by clueless old Buddy just like: signing Kelsay to a monster deal, failing to find an offensive tackle in 2 years, and dumping Lee Evans for virtually nothing. I have been a huge Bills fan for over 30 years and I am sick and tired of: losing, mismanagement and Ralph’s pathetic ownership. The sooner he sells the team the better! And yes, I am aware of when he stated the team will be sold!

  9. Bob

    Reddog9 Idiots like you will make for a long football season. Move to Toronto

  10. Bob

    Maybe the editor should have interviewed the Border Patrol like the Buffalo News did. It was a routine stop. Carrying steroids across the Border is illegal. If you attempt it you will be arrested. He wasn’t arrested, I wonder why? Pat you bring shame on yourself

  11. Reddog9

    Bob – Why are you and so many others discounting the possibility that the officers found the steriods and simply confiscated them rather than arresting him? Why is that so different from an officer giving a pro athlete a break when they pull them over for speeding, DUI, pot, etc. and letting the athlete go or driving him home? I am sure that has never happened before!! This situation could be the same thing…

    As to a long football season, I do not play on the field and in no way contributed to the 4-12 season last year, which was certainly a long season from my perspective! Why don’t you blame ownership, management and the players for the long season?? We the fans play no part in the performance on the field..

  12. Carl Burton

    Reddog, I’m not trying to cry you a river; just looking for an explanation as to how a “fan” can root for his/hers team with all your heart and against a player on that team. Clearly the better Merriman plays this year the better the defense will be. Therefore rooting against Merriman is akin to rooting against the Bills. As far as Merriman being washed up he is only 27 – not 37. In regards to Kelsay’s contract his base salary this year is only $2 million, most of that $24 million extension is not likely to be earned; a fact that I’m sure Kelsay is aware of. I do agree with you about Wilson as an owner through the years, finding his induction to Canton last year laughable. I do hope and believe that he may have again gotten lucky hiring Buddy Nix and more importantly Doug Whaley.

  13. Reddog9

    I happen to be a fan that doesn’t want Merriman on the team because I do not believe he makes the team any better and he wastes salary cap space. I believe, regardless of age, that after 3 years of doing nothing in the NFL he is washed up! This is yet another rebuilding year. Play the young players and put Merriman and Kelsay out to pasture…..Plus, when Merriman was a starter was he ever a clean player? Noone really knows. After getting suspended by the NFL he has failed to make an impact on the field….
    I think Buddy is nothing but an old, glorified scout and doesn’t have a clue about being a GM.

  14. Carl Burton

    For the record Merriman was suspended the first 4 games of his 2nd year and produced 17 sacks in 12 games that season and followed that up with 12.5 sacks his 3rd year. So he did make an impact after his suspension, being voted to the Pro Bowl and making All-Pro both seasons. Also, you are correct about this being the 2nd year of a re-building process and playing the younger players; that’s why Evans was traded. Which side of this argument do you want? I believe that Kelsay would be gone also if there was as much depth @ OLB as there is @ WR. That will come next season. At least Nix and Gailey have a clearer focus of where and what they want this team to be unlike the Donahoe/Williams/Mularky and the Levy/Jauron eras.

  15. Troy

    So, were staying tuned for more details? Any become more available?

  16. Reddog9

    Here’s a new flash for you Troy – Merriman’s still washed up and breaking down far too much for a 27 year old player especially since he has had very little contact in the last 3 years!

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