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Whitner Pities The Fool Who Gets In The Ring

Posted on January 24, 2011 by Patrick Moran

Buffalo Sports DailyAt least one current Buffalo Bills player reads Buffalo Sports Daily, follows my twitter and apparently, is not a fan of either.

Donte Whitner blocked me from Twitter several months ago after not enjoying some of the things I wrote about him.  Clearly, it hasn’t stopped him from checking in because he’s now interested in laying the smack down on my candy ass—via a boxing ring.

I couldn’t make this up if I tried.  Sunday on his Twitter, Whitner called me out, challenging me to a three-round boxing match.

“I challenge u to a 3 round boxing match…$10.00 per tix I’ll match whatever money is made…to donate to a charity..chicken.” Whitner tweeted on his account.”

I want to stay safe.  Does anyone have a Rob Gronkowski jersey I can borrow?

Actually, this was my response.

Donte Whitner Twitter

In all seriousness, what is with this guy? He gets paid millions of dollars to play professional football and doesn’t expect sharp criticism to come with the territory?  Hell, I barely earn enough to pay my cell phone bill on time and I get called an unintelligent hack at least twice per day. True story.

I’m not going to lie; I hold somewhat of a personal vendetta against Whitner and its showed in various columns.  He’s allegedly been a team leader and a “stand up” guy, yet his words and actions, especially of late have made me lose a ton of respect.

First, there was the contract negotiation for an extension which took an ugly turn late in the season.  Whitner regularly blasts the media yet had no problem turning to them when it was learned the sides weren’t close to a deal.  Amazingly, Whitner said publicly that he is deserving of top safety money.

“Things aren’t going the way I want them to go or getting it done,” Whitner told the media in late December.  “It might come to me actually hitting the free agent market because we’re far off. We’re far off in dollars. We’re far off in everything. So, that’s what it’s going to be.”

Donte Whitner's LockerThen the morning after the season ended, Whitner was the lone player completely absent from locker room cleanout day.  Before 9am not only was Whitner’s stuff gone from his locker, so was the nameplate bearing his name.  The image captured by Joe Buscaglia from WGR represented things perfectly.

Lastly, I was incensed last week when Whitner twittered to fans to be “careful what they wish for”, in response to mounting criticism and multiple suggestions that he takes his talents elsewhere.

Look, some things fans and the media say to Whitner are out of line.  I never have nor do I think now Whitner is a bad person.  There’s no denying his passion for the game and he plays it as hard as anybody.  Fair or not, people go overboard in their resentment and millionaires or not, football players are human and callous words sting.

At the same token, it’s time for Whitner to develop thicker skin. While not speaking for everyone,  I’m confident everything I’ve written has come with a plethora of stats and facts to back it up. I’ve never blamed him for being the eighth overall pick in the 2006 draft because it’s not something he could control.  But what he does have power over is what comes from his mouth, and Whitner foolishly talks and conducts himself like an elite safety.

He embarrassed the organization publicly in 2008 after personally guarantying the Bills would make the playoffs.  He backed up his words with zero interceptions, one sack and one forced fumble in 13 games as the Bills became the first team in NFL history to start a season 4-0 and finish dead last in their division.

He isn’t elite and it’s not close.  I’ve recited the numbers before and will do so again.  Five full NFL seasons with five total interceptions, two sacks, three forced fumbles and one defensive touchdown.  He then publicly boasts that he expect to be paid like a top safety, when his five-year career numbers are about a month’s work for guys who actually deserve that kind of money: Ed Reed, Troy Polamalu, etc.

Supporters will say that it’s not fair to put his numbers up against the game’s great safeties because he’s played on mostly lousy defenses.  Maybe so, but his numbers barely stack up to reserves on his own team; George Wilson and Bryan Scott.

I know I’m treading a thin line here. Not all, but more than enough consider Buffalo Sports Daily as a legitimate source of sports information. It’s admittedly indulgent for me to continue firing verbal jabs at Whitner without expecting a response.  Making things “personal” has never been motivation for me with this website and won’t be going forward either. I could sit here and relentlessly toss barbs his way in an attempt to further my name and this website.

I’m not going to do that.

However, you’re more than welcomed to.  Here’s a few of the better ones.


Buffalo Sports Daily




I’m very tempted to take Mr. Whitner up on his offer.  Like Buddy Nix I’ll never be the smartest guy in the room, but I’m intelligent enough to know getting my brains bashed in for nine minutes or less by a professional football player wouldn’t be the worst career move.

The issue is if I get into a ring with Whitner, I may not be around to enjoy any post-beating benefits. I have a hard enough time taking out the garbage, let alone getting on the treadmill without losing my breath.

Plus, I’m not sure I desire my legacy to be the subject of a YouTube viral sensation getting my head knocked off by a professional athlete.

Then again….

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15 Comments on Whitner Pities The Fool Who Gets In The Ring

  1. Reddog9

    Whitless is a punk! The sooner he is leaving TEs open on another team the better! This was Marv’s worst draft pick even worse than McLargo……..If clueless old Marv had picked Ngata (sp?) instead of Whitless then the Ills would not have wasted a pick on McLargo! The sooner Whitless and Ralph are not associated with my Bills the better!

  2. Lynchburgbillsfan

    You said last week you DON’T have a personal vendetta against him. Make up your mind. You constantly contradict yourself.

    He’s an idiot and so are you.

  3. Harbsati

    Some foolish team that hasn’t been paying attention will overpay this bum, and then realize (maybe) their mistake and he’ll be an overpaid backup and eventually fade away. Remember this joke: , he awkwardly attempted to get in front of a camera and couldn’t keep his hands still. I was embarrassed for him much like his play at Safety. ughhhh

  4. lookoutdio

    Here’s the thing with Whitner, Whitner’s main focus was laying in a hard hit first. Rarely did anyone see Whitner try to defend the pass, go for the INT or even try to wrap up the person he was trying to tackle. He always lead with his shoulder and relied on that initial smack to do the job.


    To Pat and all Bills fans that ever talked trash about Whitner, please watch the following (starting at 1:00)

    Whitner is going to go door to door and kick all of our asses!!!

  6. Danelle

    Fantastic article Mr. Moran!

  7. REALLY?

    It’s hard to believe that Whitner would have such a visceral reaction to a small local sports web site. Something tells me that this is not the only site that has complaints of results with his career. Then again I never saw him as a top story on ESPN either. He seems to be a small man with a big paycheck. And an even smaller brain on how to act like a professional. You might as well challenge him to a crossword puzzle and give him the hint the part of the pencil with the pink end faces away from the paper.

  8. Paul Barretta

    both these clowns are no class fools. in the wild, pigs hang with pigs, birds fly with birds, less talent players talk, and no name writers pick on low class talent for reactions.

    now im glad whitner is gone, and so is pat moron. I guess 2 negatives do make a positive.

  9. Reddog9

    Poor little Whitless……..I wonder if he saved some of that money from his rookie contract that totally overpaid him due to Marv’s clueless drafting! (I actually hope he didn’t save anything!) Whitless and Jamarcus Russell are prime examples of why a rookie salary cap is needed…..a couple of useless busts that got overpaid for virtually no production on the field based simply on where some foolish GM drafted them!

  10. James

    As a ‘Skins fan, I know all too well about overpaid yet under-skilled players and Whitner is one of those guys. The few games I did get to see Whitner play in, he’s been nothing but a mediocre at best safety, let alone football player.

  11. Greg Cox

    Hey Pat you might remember me as Norcalfella from the FOX blogs back in the day. This is pretty funny stuff. Good to see that you’re still at it. I remember the year BEFORE the Bills drafted Whitner (and Ko Simpson) I said they needed safety help. Buffalo fans set up a blog post calling me an idiot and it is one of my fondest mock drafting memories ever since I was obviously right. Anyway, take it easy.

  12. kevin

    whitner needs a PR person in his employ. it’ll keep him off the phone and it’ll keep him from making threats he can’t back up.

    Pat, can you embed a “don’t tase me, bro” video in honor of hopefully our former SS making an idiotic boxing request that neither his agent nor the NFL would ever allow to see the light of day?

  13. mike

    dont worry if you got on the field he would have your back way back he would be looking at your back as you run by him for a td

    to quote david letterman top 5 reasons why donte whitner wants to get in ring with you

    1 he might finally see what he hits
    2 he thinks it will help his foot work
    3 he never could be a reporter so now he wants to be one
    4 he thought he might be a big hit
    5 he still isnt thinking clearly from his last hits

    hey would like to hear what you think cool article man

  14. mike

    dont worry if you got on the field he would have your back way back he would be looking at your back as you run by him for a td

    to quote david letterman top 5 reasons why donte whitner wants to get in ring with you

    1 he might finally see what he hits
    2 he thinks it will help his foot work
    3 he never could be a reporter so now he wants to hit one
    4 he thought he might be a big hit
    5 he still isnt thinking clearly from his last hits

    hey would like to hear what you think cool article man

  15. chris

    just go spend your money an when the next team your on gets beatdown and joked about on the sidelines don’t wine because it might have something to do with YOU!!!

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