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Source: Whitner’s Career In Buffalo Over

Posted on May 3, 2011 by Patrick Moran

Donte Whitner 20It’s palpable to anyone with a Twitter handler that Buffalo Bills safety Donte Whitner’s days as a Buffalo Bill are numbered.  Whether he was sarcastically congratulating recent draft picks or bantering back and forth via malicious exchanges with angry Bills fans (including Whitner using the famous “your mother” line to one), Whitner has gotten to the point of being more a public relations nightmare should he return for another season. If you’re bent on seeing everything he’s said recently, help yourself to his Twitter— I’d list specific examples but he long ago blocked me from his page.

While what he or hostile fans verbalize in the social network universe carries  little weight to his Buffalo future, what comes from the mouth of general manager Buddy Nix certainly does.

According to Nix himself, Whitner’s time in Buffalo is all but done.

“Donte Whitner, I don’t think he wants to be here… and he probably won’t.” Nix told WEDG-FM on Monday.

It’s pretty telling of Nix to declare that publicly.  Although Whitner is technically a free agent for the moment, it’s highly likely that when or if free agency begins, the league will revert back to 2010 rules.  In that scenario Whitner will drop from being unrestricted to restricted because he has five years of service and 2010 rules state six are necessary to be able to switch teams freely and without consequence.

The Bills already tendered Whitner in advance of the February 18 deadline.  That means Buffalo would have the right to match any offer another team made for or receive draft compensation in return if they don’t.  While terms of the tender weren’t reported, someone I spoke to with knowledge said the tender equates to a first round draft choice.  Quite obviously, no team in their right mind will give Whitner a mega-dollars deal and forfeit potentially a first-round draft choice.

That leads you to think Whitner will be back for 2011, right?  Not so fast.

Sources I’ve spoke to say there’s no chance Whitner returns to Buffalo regardless of what his free agent status ends up being.  I’m told unequivocally the organization has no interest in players that don’t want to be here.  It’s likely Nix will work some kind of sign-and-trade with another team and if that doesn’t happen, I wouldn’t be surprised to see his tender revoked and be outright released as a final alternative.

No matter how it’s done, Whitner’s time in Buffalo will be over before the 2011 season begins.

This will end a five-year undistinguished Buffalo career that saw the organization take a chance on him with the eighth overall pick in the 2006 draft.  While Whitner will hardly be labeled a bust his five-interception, two-sack, three-forced fumble career will go down as apathetic.

Unfortunately for Buffalo  he’ll probably be best known as the player that publicly guaranteed the Bills would make the playoffs in 2008, only to go out and back up his words with zero interceptions in 13 games as Buffalo became the first team ever to start a season 4-0 and finish last in their division.



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5 Comments on Source: Whitner’s Career In Buffalo Over

  1. James

    Every time I look back on Donte Whitner in November and December coming public about being nowhere close on contract talks I think of Dr. Evil in Austin Powers 2 demanding to the United States government “One-hundred billion dollars!”, and them just laughing historically at him.

    Donte: “Good. Post. Moran. lol!”

    Good riddance

  2. Carl Burton

    Patrick I have to disagree with your assessment about Whitner being a labeled a bust. I think that he was absolutely has to be considered a bust based solely on his draft position. Ed Reed was drafted 24th overall, Troy Polamalu 16th and between them they have been voted to 13 Pro Bowls and produced countless big plays. Now factor in the production of the player that most would agree should been taken in Whitner’s spot, Haloti Ngata and his 2 Pro Bowls, and the evidence of his status as a bust looms larger. Buddy Nix stated a few weeks back that there are three components to a player becoming a bust; the first being evaluating draftees correctly, then developing said player and lastly the player’s desire to be great. In Whitner’s case I believe that it is in the first component that he has fallen short, even though it is unfair as it’s the fault of those calling the shots and not the player. Had Whitner been taken in the 2nd round, where most ‘experts’ believed he fit, his production would have matched up better with his status and salary. I will always maintain that for these reasons Whitner should be considered one of the biggest bust for the Bills in the past ten years.

  3. george

    i personally find it impossible to label someone a bust based on where they were drafted. Whitner didnt ask to be picked #8, its the scouts fault that they expected him to be a gamechanger. as far as reed and polamalu go. Thats absurd, your basing how someone should perform on the draft position of the two best safties in the league.Does that mean that because tom brady & joe montana were taken in the 6th and 3rd rounds (respectively) that any qb who doesnt play their way into the hall of fame should automatically be a considered a bust? Using 2 players is far too small of a sample size.

    Witner was not a bust. He was a terrible reach, done by poor management. He did start 5 years and contribute regularly on the defense. Problem is he is an utterly average player. Decent tackler, piss poor coverage skills, average athletisicm & mediocre field leader. He is someone who should have been a 2nd round player. Im not trying to start an argument, and i cant stand the arrogant douche, but people clamor how terrible he is, & its not true. he simply isnt anything other than average.

    On a side not ( & i find this HILARIOUS) ESPN just asked a panel to rank the top safties in the league. Witner finished 7th including somebody actually ranking him as the 3rd best safety in the NFL!!!

  4. Carl Burton

    George you are making my point for me. Whitner should have been a 2nd round pick; I said as much before. I also said that it is not fair to label a player a bust because they were overvalued at draft time. However, given the criteria that Buddy Nix presented a few weeks back, Whitner falls short of living up to his draft status. The reason that I drew the comparisons to Reed and Polamula is because Whitner wants comparable money. Your agrument about Montana and Brady while valid is also somewhat moot as they are clearly the exception and not the rule. All of this makes for good conversation though.

  5. Mike Tomas

    You love Whitner. Just. Admit. It.

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